How to Make Stress Balls

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We have a super fun craft for you today – DIY Stress Balls!!! We have made a variation of this a couple of times already – in the past we filled them with RICE and turned them into Superhero Juggling Balls.

How to make a Stress Ball. Fun and easy DIY Balloon Stress Balls for Father's Day or Teacher Appreciation Day. These DIY Stress Balls also make a great sensory toy #stressballs #sen #sensory #fathersday #teachers
First shared in March 2016

Today, we are going to show you how to make stress balls using flour and balloons. What I really like about this balloon craft – is how colourful it is, how fun and of course how easy!! Now it is VERY important that you watch the whole video for instructions.. though this craft is easy.. there is POTENTIAL for mess if you don’t pay attention – you will see why in the video!!!

I also think that these Stress Balls make FABULOUS Father’s Day Gifts or Teach Appreciation Gifts (what teacher doesn’t get stressed now and again, right?!) and they are super thrifty to make. Simply perfect!

I think that these stress balls would also look great with some Emoji features.. just use a set of yellow balloons and add the right details and you have a fabulous Emoji craft!

UPDATE: Please remember that over time the balloons become brittle and WILL break. I found the odd pile of broken Stress Ball balloons and flour in our house recently. Ha. I would say the DIY Stress Balls last well for about 6 months.. and then need to be changed (unless of course you play with them a LOT then they will last 2-3 weeks).

How to make Stress Balls - a super easy DIY for kids - great as father's day gifts or teacher appreciation gifts!

To make your Stress Balls, you will need:

  • 1 Balloon
  • some flour
  • a little wool (for hair – this is optional of course!)
  • a marker pen that works on balloons
  • an empty plastic bottle
  • a little paper or a funnel

How to Make Stress Balls

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Now.. on to the craft – watch the video on auto play or read the step by step instructions below!

Step by Step Instructions

Make a paper funnel.

Fill your plastic bottle with flour using your funnel! There is no exact amount of how much flour to add, but imagine the size of your stress ball.

If you need to poke the flour through with a pencil or chop stick.

Blow the ballon up a little and pop the balloon around the bottle top. And turn round.

Gently squeeze the bottle – keep clicking it – and the flour will slowly go into the balloon!

And now.. enjoy your Stress Balls How To and see you here again soon!

Hold the balloon tight and GENTLY let the air out.

Once it is all out, tie a knot and decorate!

Stress Ball Craft

How to make a Stress Ball using Balloons and flour
Active Time20 minutes


  • One balloon
  • Small plastic bottle
  • Flour
  • Paper DIY Funnel
  • Pens and wool for decorating


  • Using your paper funnel, fill the plastic bottle with flour – not an exact amount, however big you want your stress ball to be!
  • Blow up the balloon and pop over the top of the plastic bottle (do not let the air out).
  • Turn the balloon and bottle over and shake the flour into the balloon.
  • Once all in, carefully remove the balloon (do not let go!) and let the air out SLOWLY. If you do it too quickly the flour will come out.
  • Once all the air is out, tie a knot.
  • Decorate!



NOTE: The balloons will wear out over time and will pop – leaving you with a pile of flour… so don’t keep them in drawers or bedrooms! Maybe reinforce with a second ballon!

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