How to Make a Stress Ball Halloween

Time for some Halloween Craft Fun! Well…. we have made DIY Stress Balls before.. and I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a stress ball for Halloween this time. Of course it is exactly the same as before, with just a bit off added color co-ordinating fun! Stress balls really are easy to make and you can use readily available materials – you literally just need flour and balloons to make this super easy DIY. I have DIY juggling ball version of this stress ball too – which is filled with rice and is a little harder and more durable too.

Make a Stress Ball for Halloween – Materials

  • an orange and a white balloon per diy stress ball

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  • flour
  • marker pens
  • a bit of green wool
  • some scrap paper (or a funnel)
  • a plastic bottle

Make a Stress Ball for Halloween

As always we have a video AND step by step photo instructions for you. Choose which visual you prefer!!

Step by Step How to instructions

Get hold of your balloons – one per stress ball. We used orange for the Pumpkin Stress Ball DIY and white for the Ghost Stress Ball DIY (or is it a skeleton stress ball?). Use good quality balloons and NOT water balloons to make your Halloween stress ball!! Else they will burst and be a bit messy!

Flour works really well for stress balls – though you can use corn flour or rice too. In fact, you can experiment and use sand and other materials too. You will need approximately a cup full of flour to make a nice hand sized stress ball for Halloween!

Begin by adding your flour to the plastic bottle. This is a neat trick to help you get the flour into balloon. You will see why in a bit.

Once all the flour is in the bottle, blow up your balloon and carefully place it over the top of your plastic bottle.

Now turn the bottle upside down and gently squeeze it. This will help push the flour into the balloon.

Once all the flour is in the balloon, gently let the rest of the air out. Be careful as all the flour may SQUIRT out accidently and it can be messy. Tie a knot.

Finally it is time to decorate your stress balls!! Have fun!!!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: you need to let the black marker pens dry fully or else they will smudge. The balloon will “degrade over time” and is likely to break at some point. Be careful as this can leave you with flour everywhere!


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As always we have a video AND step by step photo instructions for you. Choose which visual you prefer!!