Matchbox Crafts: Camera Art Set


I have been DYING to share this little matchbox craft since the SUMMER holidays with you. Red Ted and I made them one afternoon whilst his sister was out visiting friend.

Firstly, I love ANYTHING involving matchboxes (I think I may have some happy “dinky” childhood memories of crafting with them – check out our matchbox pets and matchbox printables) secondly, I love that it is a bit of a “two in one” – a toy for our toys and a little portable art set.. and thirdly, I am just happy with how they turned out. Hooray for matchboxes!

Matchbox Camera Craft

This cute little matchbox craft was first shared in November 2014!

Matchbox Camera Crafts for kids

Matchbox Camera – Materials:

  • Matchbox
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Bead (or similar)
  • Anything else – you may need – e.g. some silver foil for the flash

How to Make your Matchbox Camera

Matchbox craft ideas

Begin your craft by cutting out 5-6 discs of cardboard – these pieces will become your camera’s lens. So depending on how big your lens to be you will need more or less. We used a 10p coin as a template. Glue them together in a stack and add to your matchbox – slightly off centre.

Matchbox craft ideas - mini camera

Camera - Matchbox Crafts for kids

Take the inside of the matchbox out and now paint your camera in the desired colour. Remember to paint the sides of your match box too. To dry, hang on a coffee stirrer (if you try and stand it upright it will topple, due to the “lens”).

Camera - Matchbox Craft Idea

Now it is time to add some details. Paint a silver rim (if you don’t have silver, use white, or maybe cut a piece of foil?), add a silver square as a flash and a bead as a release button.

matchbox craft - cute camera

Once dry, glue on some ribbons onto the back.

Let dry… then add some little sheets of paper to the inside of your camera and create little master pieces when out and about!

toy camera craft

Here is Red Ted’s Monchichi

Doll in a Box - ready to go out

And Pip Squeak’s Doll in a Box with her camera!

Don’t you think that this little crafts works for us on so many different levels – you get to recycle, you get to craft, you get a toy out of it AND you have a little miniature art box out of it too.. what more can you want?!