Mermaid Movie Night Printable Popcorn Holder

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Something magical is in the air.. today we have more Mermaid Magic by my lovely contributor Creating Creatives. Today.. she shares their adorable Mermaid Movie Night Printable Popcorn Holder (ha a mouth full!)… but these Printable Mermaid Tails are quick and easy to make, look fantastic.. and if you “staple at the top”, would also make super duper cut Mermaid Party Favour Bags.. don’t you think? Party of our every growing DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas!

Mermaid Movie Night Printable. Make your own Mermaid Popcorn Holders. Perfect for a Mermaid Party or Mermaid Movie Night! Enjoy this adorable and free Mermaid Tail Printable! #mermaids #party #movienight #printables
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We love movie nights, especially over the summer. This got me thinking how fun it would be to do a little craft before movie night, que in popcorn holder, and how we could transform it into a mermaid tail! My little ones had a ton of fun making these and were super proud eating out of them as well! For those of you who want to skip the coloring part I have also included a colored version you can print and assemble straight away. Enjoy!

Mermaid Movie Night Printable – Materials

  • Mermaid Tail Printable (click on the big red button below) Add $0 dollars at check out or leave a small tip if you wish.
  • Markers, Pencils, Paint Sticks, Crayons, anything to color with
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Popcorn!

How to make your Mermaid Party Popcorn Holders

  1. Color your mermaid tail. We like to do this before we cut it out so your kids have an easier time coloring the edges. Once the coloring is done cut it out.
  1. Next, cut the dotted line on the tail, which you can see in the picture.
  1. Now it’s time to fold it into a cone. Before you do this I recommend having some tape close by since you’ll need to tape it right after. We found the best way to make the cone was to fold the part that you just cut (with the dotted line) under the other side. Get the shape you want then grab your tape.
  1. Tape down the bottom of the cone first, to the backside of the tail. Then tape up the sides. I just used 1 piece of tape on the side.
  1. Finally trim any excess off the top of the cone, and fold some tape over the seam.

You’re done! Your mermaid tails should now look something like this and be ready to fill with popcorn!

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