DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas

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Is there are lot of Mermaid Love in your house? With Disney’s latest The Little Mermaid hitting the movie screens, I thought it was about time to highlight our fantastic collection of cute and easy little mermaid craft ideas. Ever wondered how to make mermaid “things”? From DIY Little Mermaid Party decor ideas to DIY Mermaid Costumes? We will try and answer these questions for you today. It is time to have some fun with DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas. Let’s explore these wonderful mythical creatures!

DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas - super cute Mermaid DIYs - from Mermaid Costumes and Mermaid Dress Ups, to adorable Paper Mermaid Crafts such as Mermaid Corner Bookmarks and Origami! #Mermaids #summer #mermaid #diy #papercrafts #costumes #forkids #foradults

Mermaids are like Unicorns in our house. Rather MUCH loved and rather magical, don’t you think? We have already dedicated some time to DIY Unicorn Crafts and I thought it would be nice to bring together all our uber cute Mermaid Crafts for you too! And with a The Little Mermaid life action movie out in the cinemas, we are so excited to delve into this magical set of crafts again.

We have a selection of our own Mermaid Crafts from Red Ted Art, as well as some of our favourite from around the web! I do hope you enjoy them as much as we do too!

Want to know how to make mermaid crafts? Then read on.. we have a fantastic selection for you today!

Remember – these mermaid crafts can be made in any skin tone and hair colour and fin clour! Simply adapt these to suite either the carton Ariel with her gorgeous red locks or the fantastic real live Ariel, Halle Bailey! We have varied the colours in our crafts, so you can see that anything is possible!

Paper Mermaid DIY Crafts

Let’s begin with some Mermaid PAPER Crafts!!! Paper is surprisingly fun and versatile.. and here are just a few paper mermaid DIY Crafts!

We had such jou joy making these cute hug a book bookmarks.

One of our favourite Hug a Book Bookmark designs, thse Mermaid Bookmark Designs can be made from scratch (we show you how) or you can make use of our handy free with printable

Strictly not a craft, but creative none the less.. check out our Mermaid Coloring Pages! Too lovely, kids of all ages can give this one a go! You could pop some of these lovely mermaid coloring pages into party bags for guests to take home after hosting a Mermaid Birthday Party!

Twirlers are gorgeous to hang from the ceiling.

Fun with Paper Plate Twirlers, these Mermaid Twirlers are simply magical and come complete with mermaid printable for quick and easy making! Love them!! Check out the Paper Plate Mermaid Twirlers today. This is a free printable template for you to enjoy with the kids. Love the sequins embellishments on this mermaid’s tail. Such fun way to bring the mermaid magic into your child’s bedroom and decorate! These would also make a great Birthday Party crafts and your little mermaid guests can take these home with them. Use already coloured paper plates to make it a simpler “no mess” party activity!

Adapting the same free printable mermaid, you can also make this fun mermaid: Rocking Paper Plate Mermaid! Love the little seashell detail!

paper plates used to make a mermaid porthole diaorama

Whilst on the topic of paper plates.. they make a great Paper Plate Mermaid Dioarama, as per Zing ZIng Tree, now Blue Bearwood! Isn’t it lovely? Adore the seashells and buttons and sequins.. and feels like you are peering through a porthole to see the little mermaid doll. So cute. We do love paper plate crafts!

Lets continue our mermaid adventure and make some of our corner bookmarks. Yes, you can take this classic origami bookmark and turn it into a Mermaid Corner Bookmarks too! These are easy to make and just SO SO SO darling! Love the glitter glue embellishments, as well as the sequins details! Such a fun project for the classroom too.

Mini Mermaid Notebook – the pages don’t need to be glued or stitched! A clever little process for you to check out!

Well if mermaids are your party theme, you really do have to have a go at this super fun printable! It would be great for a Ariel mermaid movie night too? Then grab these printable mermarid tail popcorn holders. I actually they they would make fantastic party hats too! Such a cute addition to any Little Mermaid Birthday Party.

These Paper Bag Mermaids by I Heart Crafty Things fit in both the Paper Mermaid DIY section and the Recycled Mermaid Craft section.. but either way, I think they are simply darling and make a great Disney Ariel Mermaid!

More fun with printables.. make these easy peasy Mermaid Tales an original craft by Hattifant. These would also make a fantastic party craft. You could then incorporate your mermaid tales into some fun party crafts (e.g. get the children to wiggle across the floor to the finish line, use your mermaid tail to keep a balloon up in the air, have a sit down musical statues mermaid dance – get the kids to pretend that they are at the bottom of the ocean etc…)


And what would a DIY Mermaid round up be with out a lovely Origami For Kids Idea? Here is a great Origami Mermaid by Pink Stripey Socks. Just the cutest!

Turn your mermaid into a princess! What a fun craft!

Have you seen these CHANGING mermaids? Mermaid one minute.. party frocks for the ball next. They come as a complete magical mermaid bundle by Hattifant. Just gorgeous!

If you are looking for how to make an easy mermaid.. then how about this idea? I adore the simplicity yet effectiveness of this Mermaid For Preschooler Collage! How fun. Read all about it on No Time for Flashcards!

Recycled Mermaid Crafts

We love creating the best out of waste… there are so many fabulous craft materials that are completely free.. and you can make the most wonderful Recycled Mermaid DIYs from them too!

girl holding a diaorama made form mermaid eggs and a shoe box
Fun Mermaid Eggs!

If you are looking for how to make a mermaid grotto, then you simply HAVE to see this Mermaid Eggs Diorama – upcycle egg shells and shoe boxes, for this fabulously cute Mermaid Display! We had LOTS of fun making this mermaid display for the school Egg Decorating Competition! We loved decorating the eggs with colorful paper and yarn! And then making paper starfish and seahorses as their fishy friends. We even added some real seashells to the diorama. So fun.

Alternatively check out Adventures in a Box magical mermaid eggs! Aren’t they fabulous?

Broken Dolls? Dispair not.. take some moldable glue and turn them into mermaids.. these recycled doll mermaids have been a favourite at bath time for weeks!

Or how about some fun with old Kitchen Towel Tubes.. my kids are constantly amazed by how many different things you can make from paper rolls. Today’s DIY Mermaids? Paper Roll Mermaid Craft! Again, love the use or real seashells on this craft! And we had lots of fun with sequins too! The tissue paper hair was so easy to add too!

Other Mermaid DIY Ideas

And here are all the other Mermaid Crafts.. that I wasn’t quite sure how to group!! Teehee…. some are “yarn mermaids” or “crochet mermaids”, others are sewing mermaids.. anywya, I think you will like them! If you want to know how to make a mermaid toy, the I think you will love a number of the DIY Mermaids in this section!

Cut little peg doll – we made both mermaids and mermen for little girls and boys to enjoy

Many Moons ago, the kids and I made about feels like about 100 of these Clothespin Mermaid Dolls – oh how we loved to make these? Working with clothespins is so fun. These could easily be made as either a party craft or party favors!

Most adorable Mermaid Crochet pattern ever! Would this mermaid doll make a lovely gift?

Similarly… how about this dress up mermaid doll crochet pattern? Learn how to make this doll completely free here… or if you want to have an ad -free, print friendly version of the pattern (AND want to support a young crochet designer), you can grab that here.

mermaid rag dolls

Need some plush dolls? My daughter and I had great fun having a go at making Mermaid Rad Dolls. Such a great way to practice using the sewing machine! I copied out the pattern we created for you to use too!

Knitting a mermaid beginners

Similarly if you or the kids are learning to knit, you may want to give these cute little mermaid doll knitting pattern a go! So fun (and free of course!). Great for all things mermaid lovers!

This could make a great Little Mermaid Party Idea craft too?

I think these Wooden Spoon Mermaids would get on VERY well with our Fashion Dolls! I must introduce them. More info from I Heart Crafty Things! Don’t they make cute little puppets?

Who needs Jellyfish Lanterns when you can have these gorgeous mermaid jars?

Beautiful DIY Mason Jar Mermaid Lanterns – these mason jars come with a free printable template. Again, I think this would make a lovely gift for a mermaid lover or a great party favor!

Check out this cutest of cute Little Mermaid Felt Doll? What a lovely make – includes free pattern!

how to sew a little mermaid

Here is another felt mermaid doll pattern for you to have a go at! Again, this was sewing project that my daughter and i did together. This time practicing our hand sewing stitches.

How super cute are these Matchbox Mini Doll via Fun Crafts Kids ? A great little craft project for kids! These would be adorable little mermaid party bag gifts too! Perfect for that mermaid themed party.

And as we LOVE Bookmarks… we do rather adore this creative bookmark design – a crochet mermaid bookmar by Cut Out & Keep. Nevermind cut and keep!! Crochet this!!!

Fun with Mermaid Slime – check out Best Ideas for Kids for full info!

Shell bath bombs

If you are planning a mermaid party, then these seashell bath bomb diy would be super fun as party favors too!

Want to know how to make a mermaid tail? Well.. as we know crochet mermaid blankets are all the rage! You do usually have to buy the pattern, this is one from Etsy is one of my favourites! (Affiliate links)

Fabulous Mermaid Dreamcatchers

Sea Glass Mermaid Art for Kids

Mermaid Sea Glass Art Project

DIY Mermaid Costumes!

Finally.. if you need some Mermaid Costumes, Mermaid Dress Up.. or simply some mermaid accessory ideas.. I think these should be “just the thing”. Enjoy.

Cute and easy Mermaid Costume for Kids by Me Sew Crazy

Or try this DIY No Sew Memarid Costume by Mama Pappa Bubba

And again by Mama Pappa Bubba – the cutest Mermaid Shell Necklace. ADORE this!

Simply stunning DIY Mermaid Tiara! How very pretty! Wouldn’t it  be great to make one out of your own sea shell finds? More on Creative Green Living!

Beautiful Mermaid Tail pendants. I want some! More over on Quiet Lion Creations!

Adorable Mermaid Necklace (perfect for kids to  make) – can you guess what the shells are made from? So clever – check out Creating Creatives! Add a couple of beads as pearls, and you have a fantsic little mermaid necklace! Love it.

DIY Mermaid Craft Ideas - super cute Mermaid DIYs - from Mermaid Costumes and Mermaid Dress Ups, to adorable Paper Mermaid Crafts such as Mermaid Corner Bookmarks and Origami! #Mermaids #summer #mermaid #diy #papercrafts #costumes #forkids #foradults

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