Micro Scooters…

…oh my oh my oh my… what a wonderful invention indeed.

To be honest, I was never really sure whether we “should get a Micro Scooter“, everyone has one and that kind of made me feel we shouldn’t. Out of principle. I can be like that.

Instead we got Red Ted a wibble wobble bike (aka balancing bike) as I thought the “skill of riding a bike” is more of a “life skill” and “I didn’t want to spoil my son with both”. And I totally love the balancing bike. As does Red Ted.

But then… the scooters.

Well they are fab. What surprises me the most about them, is how very young children manage them, whilst the bikes take a bit longer to get the hang of. I have been watching other children “grow up on” them in the last year and was thinking that Red Ted maybe should have one after all… Micro Scooters was generous enough to send us one (when they heard Red Ted would be only one starting nursery without one) and to my surprise even Pip Squeak (18mths) was going up and down on Red Ted’s new scooter. Realistically, I think you can expect a 2yrs old to use it properly… but still, that is probably a good year earlier than the bikes. And if you are on a school run and you need you children to *move*,well then *move* they must… and the scooters do just that.

The children adore them. The children can *do them*. And the children *move*. What more do you want? Need them to exercise? Bung them on a scooter! Need them to go to the shops? Bung them on a scooter! Need them to do anything? Tell them they are allowed out on the scooter later and they will do what you need them to do (e.g. brush teeth)! Brilliant.

I love it. And I LOVE our special edition scooter – which is a fab orangey – red. Perfect. (also means we will be able to identify ours amongst the pile of scooters at the nursery).


THANK YOU Micro Scooters! You made a little boy (& his mum) VERY HAPPY indeed.