Minecraft Crafts: Diamond Sword (Perler Beads)


If you saw our Minecraft moneybox craft earlier in the week, you will have seen mention of the Minecraft Sword Craft – and now we have the Minecraft Sword Pattern and how to video for you ready! This Minecraft craft is a bit better for beginners, as it is much quicker and easier to make than the minecraft moneybox (but the moneybox really IS WORTH it). They make great little Back to School crafts – as book bag charms, as well as fun gifts to friends. My kids have made about 34 already and plan to sell (ha!) them at school. You have to admire their entrepreneurial spirit! They also told me off for creating the minecraft video tutorial as they are worried it will impact their sales! 🙂

Also take a peak at our Minecraft Printable Desk Tidy and some fabulous Creeper Corner Bookmarks , I think you will love them!

Easy Minecraft Crafts - Diamond Sword Keychains made from Perler Beads. Includes free minecraft pattern to download

Minecraft crafts keychains – make them in any colour combination

Anyway, I digress…

To make your Minecraft Crafts Sword Keychains, you will need:

We used the following (or similar) products (contains affiliate links)

  • Perler Bead Pegboards US / Uk
  • Dark Brown US /Uk
  • Mid Brown US / UK
  • Blue Perler Beads US  / UK
  • Light Blue Perler Beads US /UK

For the Emerald Minecraft Sword you will also need-

FREE PATTERN <——– get it now!

We also bought this SUPER handy Perler Bead storage box (in fact, I bought 2!!). We can’t fit a whole packet in each compartment, but we tape left over bags up and put them away.

best perler bead storage solution

Get yours here —> UK readers

US readers (similar, but equally handy)

Now go and check out the Minecraft Moneybox too:

Minecraft Perler Bead Pattern - free Moneybox Pattern idea - a fun and practical minecraft craft made from perler beads


 Watch the How to make your Minecraft Sword Keychains here: