Minecraft Desk Tidy DIY (Printables)

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So my kids are still very much enjoying their Minecraft time – they get very little screen time generally and have to earn their Minecraft play time (I am so mean!!), but it works for us, as it really focuses their time online… but I am digressing, I actually wanted to share our super duper easy make with you today – which includes some FREE Minecraft Desk TidyPrintables – these Tin Can desk tidies! We have made a number of desk tidies over the years and the tin can ones proof to be our most used and most loved. They are practical and last forever!

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Minecraft Crafts - make this quick and easy Minecraft Desk Tidy - less then 5minutes from start to finish. Includes template!

Minecraft Desk Tidy – Materials

Minecraft Desk Tidy How To:

You can watch the easy peasy video how, or check the video on auto play or watch the youtube video BELOW for step by step written instructions!

1) Wash your tin can and peel the labels. You don’t have to get ALL the label glue off.. so don’t worry if it is hard to remove!

2) Print out your free Minecraft Printables

3) Check if the printable fits your tin (it will fit most tins.. but MAY need a little trim for some). Trim if necessary.

4) Add tape along one end of the printable and aline the tape with any glue residue on the tin. Stick firmly down.

5) Now wrap the tin with paper – make sure it is flat and neatly alined.

6) Tape down the other end.. and you are finished. Yes, it really is that easy.. and takes only a couple of minutes per Minecraft desk tidy!!!!

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