East Felt Monster Pencil Toppers for Kids

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So, as one school year draws to an end and we look ahead to the year ahead (my kids are heading into Year 3 and Year 5 – yikes!), I love to quickly and easily personalise their stationery with them. Oh how we love DIY School Supplies! Making DIY Pencil Toppers is a quick and fun way to make your back to school stationery extra fun.

Cute Felt Monster Pencil Toppers

Whether you are getting ready for homeschooling or the traditional school year, you can never have too many cute pencil toppers. Today we have easy felt pencil toppers for kids – they can either make them for their own pencil boxes or they also make GREAT little gifts to friends. Whether it is a back to school gift, or a fun Monster Pencil Topper Halloween gift*, or even at Valentine’s**… as these Felt Monster Pencil Toppers are so cute and fun and above all QUICK to make, they are excellent gifts to classmates. Or maybe, you are a primary school teacher.. then they also make great little classroom rewards or gifts to your wards at year end! Oh the possibilities!

I first saw these on an Esty shop by  Curly Tail Crafts who no longer makes them (boo!), but it did make me think that it would be ok for us to share our version of these cute and easy felt pencil toppers. Do pop over to Curly Tail Crafts   and check out what other adorable things she has for sale!

* be sure to come back in Autumn, and I will include fun printables to turn these into quick and easy Hallween gifts

** ditto Valentine’s day.. printables are already being planned!

Monster Felt Pencil Toppers – material

  • Felt – we used two colours per pencil, approx 3cm x 8cm each
  • Googly eyes
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun*

*Now, I appreciate that not everyone wants to use a hot glue gun with their kids. A hot glue gun, really works wonders with this craft, making it SUPER FAST (you can make these pencil toppers in MINUTES). However, you can add a few stitches in place of the glue and a PVA glue for the googly eyes if you prefer!

How to make Felt Pencil Toppers – Felt Monster Pencil Toppers

As per usual, you have the choice of following our handy “how to make a felt pencil topper” video how to, OR You can follow the written instructions below. These Felt Pencil Toppers really are FABULOUSLY easy and fun to make!

How to make Felt Monster Pencil Toppers – step by step instructions

  1. Begin by choosing your felt. We liked using two different colours of felt per pencil topper.
  2. Curl your felt around your pencil to determine the width of your felt needed. Ours were approximately 3cm wide and we choce to make them 8cm long.
  3. Cut strips into your felt LENGTH wise, leaving the last 2-3 cm UNCUT.
  4. Glue around your pencil with the hot glue gun.
  5. Cut your second piece of pencil topper felt. This one will be SLIGHTLY wider than the first as it will need to fit around the first layer. Again, approx 3.2cm x 8cm.
  6. Repeat step 3 & 4. I let a bit of the first felt “peep out” below the second piece of felt, so you get to appreciate both chosen colours.
  7. Now add your googly eyes to your pencil topper.
  8. Finally, if you wish, you can a little glue to the inside of the head, to keep the pencil topper from sliding down the pencil.

You have just made your very own Monster Felt Pencil Topper! Hooray! Aren’t they adorable?

Now remember, I will be adding a super cute and easy Halloween Printable and Valentine’s Day Printable to these later in the year, so please do come back for more!

And here is one more picture by fellow blog reader La Casita De Ingles! Aren’t they cute? Love their chosen colours!!

More pencil topper fun from my readers! Thank you for sharing your photo Marcia!

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