Mosque Ramadan Craft

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I have an extra special Ramadan Crafts series heading your way here on Red Ted Art! I asked an lovely Instagram community to share their favourie Ramadan Crafts for Kids to help celebrate with children of all ages. First up, I have the wonderful Ana is Crafting with this easy Paper Cup Mosque Ramadan Craft!

paper cup mosque craft
A paper cup mosque is a quick and easy Ramadan Craft for kids!

Ana Is Crafting is a WONDERFUL Instagram packed with fantastic activities for kids. You will find lots of wonderful crafts for all seasons to suit all backgrounds, but also some great faith based crafts for muslims. Totally worth a follow, whatever your background. See the video on auto play for more of her craft ideas relating to Ramadan and Eid.

With the holy month of ramadan coming soon, I thought it would be nice to share some islamic faith based crafts and to create a Ramadan Crafts series for you.

This paper cup mosque is super easy and a great project for preschoolers as well as older kids! You can keep it simple with children “just” adding their own stickers or getting older children to cut out their own ramadan shapes. I love the eco friendliness of using a paper cup and egg cartons as the main craft components.

I also love that you can use this a simple paper cup mosque decoration for kids to make. You can use with peg dolls for some creative play time, or, as you can see from Ana’s photos, you can also hang it up with some streamers to make it as extra special decor!

What are Ramadan dates for 2023?

Ramadan is determined by the Islamic lunar calendar. This begins with with the sighting of the crescent moon over Mecca. This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Ramadan will then end on Friday, April 21, 2023, and Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

Paper Cup Mosque – Supplies needed:

  • One paper cup per mosque
  • An egg carton (if you can get a colourful one, even better)
  • Glitter shapes or glitter card or card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional: Ribbons
  • Optional: String for hanging

As with all crafts shared here on Red Ted Art, work with the supplies you have to hand! If you don’t have glitter card or similar, “ordinary” colourful paper or card would work too!

How to make a Paper Cup Mosque for Ramadan Crafting

When crafting a mosque with children there are a number of simple features to add to your mosque –

  • A dome and/ or minarets – for call for prayer
  • A cresent moons crescent moon and stars – symbols relating to the greatness of the creator
  • Arched doorways and windows – classic architecual features of mosques

Incorporate these shapes into your Ramadan craft!

paper cup mosque dome
An egg carton makes the perfect dome!

The Dome:

The egg carton cup will become your mosque’s dome. Cut out a cup shape. If you wish you can paint it a bright colour (our egg cartons here in the UK are usually a boring grey!! Ana is lucky and has a beautiful purple one!).

The top of your Dome – Moon:

Cut out a large moon and glue to the top of your egg carton. You can do this by either cutting out a little tab at the bottom of your moon, folding this over and using that as a glue base. Or you can cut a slit into your egg carton and insert the tap to secure the moon.

Cut out a lovely zig-zag shape to decorate the top of your paper cup.

decorate the dome

Decorative doors & windows:

Now have fun cutting out shapes to decorate the rest of your mosque – cut out doorways and windows and stars and moons and let the children have fun decorating!

paper cup mosque craft

Your basic mosque craft is finished! A lovely way to get Ramadan Crafting and decorate or craft & play! Now you can turn it into a wall hanging by…

ramadan crafts mosque

…adding ribbons for wall hagning!

Isn’t it a sweet craft? Definitely something for your little ones to get stuck into this Ramadan. A wonderful way to involve them during this time.

As mentioned, this is a guest post by Ana is Crafting! A wonderful instagramer to follow for all things crafty, but especially islamic crafts for kids. The video on auto play, shows a very quick overview of some of her work!