Cute & Easy DIY Easter Egg Cards

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We love making cute and easy cards for all occasions! And of course have a fantastic set of lovely Easter Cards for you to try out already. Recently, however, I was asked specifically for all my “DIY Easter Egg Cards” – so Easter cards that feature Easter Eggs only! Well.. I realised, I had quite a few of those too!

If you are lookng for great Easter Crafts for kids this season, do check out these cute Easter Egg Cards today!

pop up easter eggs 3 ways
Pop-Up Easter Egg Cards are our favourite!

First up, is probably the most popular Easter Egg card of all – the fab pop up Easter Egg card. All you need is a basic egg template.. and you can make any of these cute little pop up cards. Wheter you are after a simple Easter Egg Pop Up Card or want to combine it with chicks or bunnies.. your call! They are all super cute, though I do have a bit of a soft spot for the bunny card. Too cute.

finisged pop up egg card
Adorable chick card – all you need is white paper!

I really like this Easter Egg Card too – as you only need a piece of paper, markers, pencils, crayons (whatever takes your fancy) and some scissors. NO GLUE or fiddling, with this pop up card design. And you can turn the Egg template into a cute chick or decorative egg card. Your call again to customize this handmade card!

Easter Chick Weaving
Another lovely printable card to make!

We also love this Egg Shaped – paper weaving project! Such a cute way to have a hatching chick and egg card. Paper weaving is great for fine motor skills and sequencing!

Bunny Basket Weaving
Adorable Easter Bunny Basket Eggs

Similarly, we took the same basic egg shape and turned it into an Easter Basket containing cute bunnies. Aren’t they lovely?!

From Coloring Pages to easy Pop Up Easter Card

Next up, we have a lovely technique of using your faovurite Egg Coloring Pages and turning them into fabuluos Pop Up Egg Cards. A great way to combine mindfulness time and coloring mandala eggs with handmade Easter Egg Card making!

Egg Template
This comes with free egg card templates to print on card stock!

And if you want to keep thing super simple, grab our Free Egg Template – design & decorate and make a simple Easter Egg Card that comes as part of this set!

Here is a super cute little Easter Egg Card to involve your preschoolers! Simply get you preschooler to stick tape and help them cut out the Easter Egg Shapes. Toddlers will love these ones! You can even add some watercolor to the paper first to give it more color and texture and make it eggstra special!

Or how about making these super duper cute po pup Dinosaur Egg Cards? Cute FREE printables to make with any dino mad toddlers!

I hope that these cute cards have whet your appetite! Do check out the full collection of our Easter Crafts for Kids here – including cheeky carrots, cute bunnies, more special cards and Easter cookies!:

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