Moustache Crafts – Mug Gift For Dad

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So, a little while a go, I decided it would be fun to investigate all things MOUSTACHE (or mustache! depending on where you are from). The Moustache is a quircky little accessory, that is great to adding to ANYTHING, a bit like googly eyes and turn it from “something” into “something fun”! I wouldn’t say there are particular Moustache Crafts as such – as you simply slap on the moustache and your job is done. But… it is still fun to explore exactly WHERE you can place a moustache and liven things up.

Mustache Crafts - Gifts for Dad

(Watch the Moustache video below for more info!!! And don’t forget to subscribe to Red Ted Art on YouTube!).

Anyway, I digress.. there are lots of different moustaches – there are black ones, big ones, curly ones, small ones and there are LORAX ones!!! When crafting with Moustaches, don’t forget the good old Lorax and have a giggle creating some Lorax Moustaches!! When I made these mugs below, the kids were TOTALLY taken by The Lorax Mug and had a good old giggle about. Both mugs are great for Moustache enthusiasts and also make great Father’s Day gifts for the kids to make!

Whilst on the topic of Dr. Seuss.. here is a super cute Dr Seuss I Spy Activity for you to check out too!

Lorax Crafts

Moustache Mugs Materials

* You will need some Porcelain Pens

* A normal felt tip pen

I used these for UK Readers (affiliate link) – they come in packs of 5 (you choose a set you like) and you need to bake them in the oven. For US readers I have found this set by reputable brand Pebeo – but I can’t ACTUALLY say how good they are, as I haven’t used them. But I trust this brand (I have some their products and love them).

I have heard that “apparently” American (NOT UK) Sharpie brand permanent markers can be dishwasher safe. I do not know if this is true…. but you can experiment?

* Inexpensive plain mugs (from the Pound Shop/ Dollar Store or IKEA)

* an oven!

PLEASE NOTE: The pen say that they are DISHWASHER proof, but they are NOT – they are only dishwasher safe to 50C, but I think many settings are hotter than that. So, it is safer to say that they are VERY handwash proof… but fared “so so” in the dishwasher…. HANDWASH ONLY! (as we found out the sad way!). 

Moustache Mugs Materials

Moustache Crafts How To

1) I am FAIRLY confident drawing free hand.. but not confident enough. SO. I used a normal felt tip pen to draw an outline of a moustache that I liked. It meant I could smudge it away and start again when I didn’t like it. Or adjust one end and then the other. You can of course print off a moustache – e.g. the one from our Photo Prop booth and use that as a stencil.

2) I then went over with the procelain pen and let dry for the specified 4 hours.

3) Before popping into the oven, I carefully wiped away any remnants of the FELT TIP pen.

4) Then followed the instructions for my pens – slowly heat in oven to 150C and leave for 90min.

And done! Enjoy your Moustache Craft – and remember these make a great gift for Dad on Father’s Day or his Birthday!

More Moustache Crafts and Ideas on this video (don’t forget to subscribe to Red Ted Art on YouTube!)