30 Moustache Crafts

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Ooooh this is a fun theme – moustache crafts! (Or is it mUstache crafts?! Well.. if you are US based, please replace all the moustaches in this post with “mustache”.. similarly to our colour and your color! What is it with out additional “u”)… but I digress in a big way. I didn’t want to talk about spellings, I wanted to talk about MOUSTACHES!!!! Like googly eyes, they are the sort of thing that you can “add to almost anything” and they  make the “thing” look super fun and quirky – draw a moustache on a breakfast egg? Brilliant! Had a moustache to a balloon, hilarious! Add a moustache to your mouse craft… too cute.. I think you catch my drift. So I think this post is more about – ahem – ideas of where you can moustache bomb people than actual “moustache crafts” as such.. well, maybe a bit of both!!!!! If you feel inspired by todays Moustaches, I urge you to also explore moustaches… there is of course the very “classic” black moustache, but have you also tried adding a Lorax Moustache to things? What about curly whirly moustaches? Handle bar moustaches? Chinese moustaches? Explore and have fun!!

30 Mustache Crafts - fun with Mustaches, be it because you love a tash or because you are embracing Movember

All these Moustaches of course make PERFECT Movember crafts too.. maybe you are fundraising for Movember? Which of these crafts could you make and sell?!

Firstly check out our Moustache Crafts Video & Moustache Pin Tutorial:

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Moustache Crafts and Links

Fimo-Moustache-Jewellery-2-KidsChaosFrom the craft video – Ali’s Polymer Clay Moustache! So fun!

Lorax CraftsA bit of gun with the Lorax and a hot cup of cocoa.

Cress Head Activity for SpringSprout Heads (or Breakfast Eggs or simply surprise  someone by drawing on the uncooked eggs in their box… tee hee).

moustache easter eggsMore Mustache Eggs

New Years Eve Photo IdeaFun with Moustache Photo Props!

moustache patternsBeard and Moustache Patterns on Etsy!

DIY Moustache CakeWhat a clever Moustache Cake Idea!

moustache crafts keyringMoustache Leather Keyring!

mustache ideasMoustache Dummy

coffee cup cozy moustacheMustache Crafts – Coffee Cozy!

moustache cookies

Hilarious Mustache Cookies (on a stick) 

moustache tote craft

Moustache tote bag (the crafter suggests painting tashes on in future and not using transfers)

mustache patterns free

Free Crochet Mustache Patterns!


More corchet Patterns here.

moustache crochet pattern

And ANOTHER corchet mustache (clearly if you crochet, you MUST like a tash, right?!)

Yarn-Mustaches-on-a-stick-makeandtakes.com_Easy pipe cleaner and wool moustache!

origami mustachePaper Mustache!

moustache straws

Quick and easy mustache strawsmustache ideas - lollipopsLollipop Tashes!

perler bead mustache crafts Hama Bead Moustache (yes please!)

moustache crafts - rainbow loom pattern

Or how about a Rainbow Loom Band Moustache?

Moustache-ornamentGlitter Moustache Ornament (love this one!)

mustache ideas for christmas

Here is a Moustache Christmas Tree for PURCHASE.. but I am totally inspired by this design

moustache craft ideasLots of Moustache Ideas – love the shoes and hair clip!

Circus-themed-stool-a-mustache-craftCute Circus themed stool DIY

mustache party ideaCupcake Moustaches

mustache crafts - hanger

 Simple Moustache Coat Hanger

lorax craft moustacheFun with The Lorax Moustache!