My New Paper Crafts for Kids Book!

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So excited to finally be able to bring you my new Easy Paper Projects for Kids craft book! This joins my first Red Ted Art book, as well as a number of ebooks I have written over the years and builds on my experience and insights directly learnt from my “YouTube Kids”.

Here is why you should get a copy!

First reason: it is awesome.

Ha yes, I know I woudl say that.. but really it is. Every single craft has been tested and approved by both my kids (and one of their friends!!!). Nothing that was “simply ok” was allowed in. And believe me.. my kids are honest.

60 colourful, fun crafts.. to get you making and creating.

With lots encouragement and inspiration to make these crafts TRULY your own and design your own elements.

Second reason: it only uses paper!

Well obviously, not JUST paper, there is also a little glue stick, pens, cardstock… a bit of tape here, and a bit of glue there. You may also need to dive into your recycling bin once or twice..

…but seriously.. you can make this all out JUST PAPER.

If you have “light card” than even better. If you don’t.. you can still get crafty. Buy a nice pad of colourful paper, add some printer paper, glue and scissors and off you go.

Seriously “accessible” crafting for all. I promise.

Combine the paper with the book.. and you have a GREAT gift idea!

Third reason: designed to release your inner creativity!

The crafts have all been carefully created to help release your inner creativity. The easy to follow step by step photos are design to help you develop skills and confidence to then go out and create your own.

It isn’t just “one pop up card”.. but once you have mastered it.. what other 100s of designs can you come up with? Learn how basic shapes can be turned into three different kittens or how one cute gift box can be adapted and personalised for different occasions and friends!

Yes, learn to make one new craft… but once you have mastered it.. the possibilities are endless!

Buy now in my ebay shop!

Final reason: I owe it to you!

My first book sadly is now out of print and it was time to create a new one.

I wrote this book with YOU in mind.

So hopefully it will be just what you need. So much more experience and knowledge has gone into this 2nd print book, that I really think you will love it (even more than my first!).

The book is available from these sellers

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In the UK the book is available here:

  • My Ebay Shop (free P&P and amazon price matched)
  • Amazon
  • Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)

World Wide free Shipping

Happy reading and happy crafting!!!

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