Easy Cardboard Animal Toys


Oh the things you can make from a Cardboard Box! Today we welcome Babysits.org, who show us how to make some wonderful and easy DIY Cardboard Animal Toys.

Easy cardboard animals
First shared in April 2020

Are your bins filled with cardboard packaging every week? Why not use this cardboard to create fun and interactive DIY projects? Get your kids involved and teach them some novel ways to recycle while teaching them to be inventive and creative!

As we hear more about the effects we are having on the environment, this is a great way to introduce sustainability and environmental awareness. Let’s get started and enable our children to make connections and apply their learning to the real world!

To make your DIY Cardboard Animals, you will need

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard
  • Paint in your desired animal colours
  • Brushes

How to make your own Cardboard Animal Zoo

Let’s get started!

Easy cardboard animals
  • Start by drawing the animals outline. Which animals do you want to make. What are their key features? For example, an elephant (try to keep it simple) with big ears, a giraffe with a long neck.
  • Create “U” shaped legs. Cut little slits into your animals “main body”, for thse U shapes to slot into place. The elephant will need an extra piece for the ears.
Easy cardboard animals
  • Now the fun begins! Use paints to create the appearance of each animal (don’t be afraid to be creative with colours).
Cardboard camel diy
  • Once the base coat is dry, you can add extra details with black paint or a black marker pen to bring the animals to life.
  • Once everything is dry, you can assemble all the pieces together.
Easy cardboard animals
  1. And Voila! You now have your own mini collection of animals.

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This article was written in collaboration with Babysits, the babysitting community in the UK. Check out more of Babysits ideas here:

Easy cardboard animals

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