Nature Play Ideas: Construct


Nature is such a wonderful thing for you and the kids to experience. I love to encourage my kids to explore and to find and for us to collect all sorts of nature items from our walks (within reason of course!). We even sewed some little nature bags for us to collect our finds in (though  I think we are beginning to need bigger ones!!). In this mini series we are sharing a number of nature play ideas, hopefully inspiring you and your kids to explore and have fun with nature. No additional items needed – just add nature!!

Nature Play Ideas: Construct and Build

Nature Play - 6 - Sculptures


Though this photo only shows pine cones and sticks (we did have a go at seeing whether we could make a cube with them!! It was hard.. we managed spidery constructions instead), it is once again, about getting you to look around you and seeing what nature items you can find. Then using YOUR items and constructing.

This activity can have so many different outcomes. You may end up with a sculpture or you may end up with something more specific like our fairy houses. The focus of the activity however should be CONSTRUCTION. How can you fit things together and KEEP them together without them falling apart. On a big scale you would be looking at den building…


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