Nature Play Ideas: Creative Play


Our nature play series continues. Already we are on day 7! A week’s full of nature play ideas to keep you busy (hopefully). As mentioned previously, the nature play series is all about enjoying your natural environment with your kids more. Giving you ideas of games you can play or activities you can do whilst out an about for a walk, at the beach or on holiday. The principle is simple: find local things and play… today is play idea 7 for you!

If you have been doing some of ideas already, you will find today’s activity comes on it’s very own accord.

Nature Play Ideas: Creative Play

Nature Play - 7 - Creative Play - Bee Hospital

If you have already been playing with nature a lot – be it in general or as part of our nature play prompts, this activity should come all by itself – creative play. Creative play is when you and the children use your imaginations to create a new world. The above photo shows the children’s “bee hospital. The pine cone with the leaves is where the poorly bees go. The leaves are their blankets. The pink petal being placed on the stone is the examining table to see how the bees are doing. And the pine cones lined up are the recouperation rooms.  This photo “mushroomed” as many more details were added. The kids created their very own story.

In your story, the pine cones coule be a car or a truck? Or maybe the stones are dinosaurs. The leaves could be feathers from a bird.. there are 1000s and endless possibilities for pretend play. You just need to find the one that interests you and your child! (our creative play was triggered by a bee that the children rescued from the pool and actually managed to “nurse back” to health).

This is your nature play prompt – let your imagination run wild!

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