Nature Play Ideas – Counting & Sorting


Recently, we went on holiday! Yay to holidays. We have a tendency for stay-cations or “just” visiting family. On this holiday, we went to Cyprus – we have never been there before and it was nice to go somewhere different. Whilst out there we went to the beach and for lovely rocky-rugget terrain walks. We found lots of stones, gorgeous driftwood, snail shells and pine cones of all shapes and sizes. Plenty of “nature things” for us to play with (and later to craft with!!!). So I thought it would be fun to share a mini series of Nature Play ideas…. I took a series of snap shots on my phone whilst we were out there and playing with our nature finds and popped them on instagram. The response to these nature play ideas was lovely, so I thought I would share them with you. There are 9 in total and I look forward to sharing one a day with you!!!

First up:

Nature Play Idea: Counting & Sorting Stones/ Shells/ Sticks/ Pine Cones

Nature Play - 1 - Sorting & counting


Remember, you can do this with WHATEVER you find. You don’t have to use the same nature items we did. You may find some windfall apples to play with, or rugged stones. You may find leaves in different colours and sizes. Or you may find acorns or gumnuts! Whatever YOUR local nature provides you with.. collect it, bring it home. Sort it. Cout it.

It is a wonderful way to touch, feel, sense. What is heavier? What is smooth? Do they feel colder or warmer? Can you **smell** the difference. Explore. Connect!

Great Nature play especially for preschoolers! But I found my 6yrs old also really enjoying sorting and playing and arranging!

Come back tomorrow for more Nature Play Ideas!!!