Gifts Kids Can Make: Jar Lid Picture Frames

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Our mini Guest Post series continues…. celebrating the  UK Blogging Awards time –  “BiBs” , I am taking the opportunity to show case some of my fellow nominees! As it is now time to vote for your favourite crafty (Brit) blog…  This year, I am in crafts and outstanding categories (thank you for those of you who nominated me). For me, events like the BiBs, is an opportunityt to explore and celebrate my peer group and get excited about all things crafty. So I have asked the other nominees if they would like to stop by and do a guest post for me. A chance for me AND you, to get to know them beter!  Today we have Jenny from the gingerbread house sharing a cute craft that kids can make – Jar Lid Picture Frames. These would be great for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day too! Or would make lovely little Christmas Ornaments!

How to make a jam jar lid picture frame

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My 4 year old loves decorating objects with pretty decopatch papers. We had fun making our own decorations at Christmas and Easter. With Father’s Day coming up we thought we would make a little something for daddy.

Jar Lid Picture Frame – Materials:

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  • Jam jar lids
  • Decopatch paper
  • Decopatch glue
  • Paint brush
  • Picture or photograph for your frame
  • Drill and 2mm drill bit
  • Bakers twine

How to make a jam jar lid picture frame:

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First of all wash and dry your jam jar lid. Then choose a paper to decorate your lid and tear into small pieces by hand. Brush a small amount of glue onto the lid and place a piece of paper on top, cover with more glue. Gradually cover the whole lid, making sure you cover over the edge too. Make sure to fill in any gaps!

Leave your jar lids to dry for a couple of hours.

Whilst you are waiting cut a photograph or picture to size. When the jar lids are dry glue your image inside the lid.

Drill a small hole through the edge of the lid and thread with bakers twine to hang.

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