Nature Play Ideas – Making Music

Welcome back for MORE Nature Play Ideas.  I hope you have een enjoying this mini series as much as we have been enjoying sharing our nature play ideas! In case you missed the background to this series – I thought I would share some of the little things we got up to whilst on holiday recently. I am always encouraging the kids to explore and enjoy nature and we love to collect sticks and stones, pine cones and leaves etc and “do something” with them… Of course, it is also important to teach kids not to break plants or pick flowers, but these activities are all based around what you can find and for you to play with there and then!

Nature Play Idea: Let’s Make Music

Nature Play - 8 - Make musicOk, so our little make shift nature cylophone  MAY look a little complicated to you… making music, can be a simple as banking to sticks or two stones together as you say or sing a little rhyme or you can get more adventurous and explore how else you can create different notes and tones. This little nature cylophone made from sticks and stones, DID actually work, but it also got destroyed pretty quickly. Thankfully it was easy to set up again.

So today.. let’s make music!!! What sounds do two stones make? What about to chestnuts? Is the sound deep or high? Is it loud or quiet? Bring in a little science too – softer items will make a quieter sound.. why?

Explore and have fun with your nature play music day!

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