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My Health Goal for the New Year

I “don’t do New Year’s Resolutions”. Really, I don’t. But I do do, making changes. And one change, I want to make this year, is to start exercising again (yes, sounds rather like a New Year’s Resolution, but believe me it is not, honest). Before having kids, I was very fit – I used to swim or run 2 – 5 times per week (yes 5, can you believe it). Red Ted is now almost 5 years old, and I can count the number of swims on no hand (i.e. zero) and runs on two hands (I am guessing about 8). 8 exercise sessions in 5 years? Not good enough.

You will be pleased to hear – today I went on my first run. I managed 21 minutes! Hooray.

However, there are right and wrong ways about improving your health. And if you, like me, are working on any “health issues” in 2013 – be it exercise, eating healthier, cervical cancer prevention, a healthier heart, losing weight, cutting out caffeine or cigarettes, you may have some questions to go with these plans.

AXA PPP healthcare is here to help -AXA PPP healthcare has a great campaign Make a Smart Start to 2013 – open to members and non members, providing you with free advice and expert knowledge to answer all your health related questions.

More about Make a Smart Start to 2013

The start of a New Year is when we all take a long, hard look at our health habits and try to get into some better ones! We all know that making small changes is far easier to maintain than setting yourself big goals which you will give up by the end of January. So to help get together a plan that is right for you and will be easily achievable, AXA PPP healthcare is hosting a series of online health clinics at the end of January. Whether you are planning to improve your diet (and that of your family), or looking to get a better fitness regime in place then medical experts are on hand to help and advise. Or maybe you have a health problem or question that you would like answering or more information on? Then  this is a really good place to start…

There are 4 live chats this month and the topics are as follows –

·         Cervical cancer on Thursday 24 January 11 – 1PM  – with expert Mr Clark

·         Fitness and nutrition on Thursday 24 January 1 – 3PM  – with David Williams who is an expert in sports and exercise 

·         Heart health on Wednesday 30 January 1 – 3PM  – with Sarah Evans the Learn Nurse Case Manager for the AXA PPP Clinical Centre

·         Pregnancy and caring for your children on Thursday 31 January 1 – 3PM  – with Jackie Hall, the Health at Hand Team Manager 


You can find answers to your questions online:  please click through to your relevant topic Cervical Cancer, Pregnancy and your child’s health, Heart health and Fitness & Nutrition.

If you have any questions for the experts simply join them on the day or alternatively you can leave your query in the comments below and we will pass it on!

MY QUESTION IS: I have a tendency to rush things – so I slip into my trainers and off I go for my run. Keeping this cold weather in mind,  how long should I warm up for to prevent injury? (I don’t want to warm up for longer than my actual run lasts!!

Can’t make the live chats?

If you won’t be able to attend our live chats, you can still have your questions answered by the experts! Just leave your questions in the comments below, or get in touch through Facebook or Twitter, and AXA PPP healthcare will get back to you with a response from their experts a few days after the online clinic ends.

And even better – all questions left will be entered into a free draw to win one of two pamper packs from The Sanctuary (both worth £75) so don’t delay in entering with your question!


1) Open to UK residence only.

2) One entry per person.

3) Delivery of the prize is the responsibility of AXA PPP healthcare and NOT Red Ted Art.

4) Closes on 31st January 2013 at 11:55pm

Good luck!

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