The Four Seasons – Winter Craft

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Well, without meaning to, I set out 2 years ago and started The Four Seasons Craft tradition here on Red Ted Art! Each season, the kids and I do a “seasonal” picture along a certain theme. Bringing them all together at year end. Of course you can do our four seasons craft all in one go, but I think it is more fun and interesting for the children to experience the season first, for us to discuss it and then to get crafty.

UPDATED: Check out the lovely Summer Four Season Trees here!

Winter Stick Craft

The four seasons in our first year, were made with Bubble Wrap and Finger prints.

four seasons

Bubble wrap four seasons

The four seasons in our second year, focused on colours. We made easy “stained glass windows”.

seasons finished

Stained Glass four seasons

So. What will our seasons project look like THIS year? I decided that it would be nice to go back to nature. What DO the trees look like at this time of year? What materials are available. Let’s make a nature collage for winter!

Our Winter Craft is therefore ridiculously simple.. but I think quite lovely and effective. I look forward to the coming seasons:

four seasons winterthe four seasons - winter craft

Materials: PVA glue, light cardstock or heavy paper, sticks

I thought about doing a LARGE collage that we all work on together, but in the end we went for a small A5 format. I guess it depends on what you have collected, how much time and how space you have to then display you artwork!

1) I placed lots of glue in a rough tree shape on the cards for the kids.

2) Then I helped them chose a “tree trunk”. We added extra PVA to this, as it needs more to stay securely in place.

3) Then the kids added their sticks. Red Ted (almost 5yrs) had quite an ordered approach (again), whilst Pip Squeak’s was a little more random.

Winter Stick Craft

We toyed with the idea of adding a sky and ground. But to be honest, I (!) Like the simplicity of these. Winter is “stark” and “bare”. So I think we will leave them as they are.

Can’t wait for the Spring Craft!!!

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How will you looked at The Four Seasons with your kids?