New Year’s Eve Ideas


New Year’s Eve always surprises me.. it seems so long away with the big build up to Christmas and suddenly it is THERE. Oh my what to do for New Year’s Eve. To be honest, we generally have a pretty low key New Year’s Eve as the kids have been quite little to date. But As they grow older and start to grasp the concept of a what a New Year is, I think it is nice to introduce some New Year’s Eve Traditions and New Year’s Eve Crafts. So lucky you, my readers, I have TWO videos for you + some associated links….

New Years Eve Ideas - fun quirky ideas for New Years Eve. Whether you are looking for simple decorations or fun ideas to keep the kids busy, take a look at this New Year's Eve inspriation. DIY New Year's Eve sorted!

The first New Year’s Eve video talks about Activities and craft ideas – lots of masks and decorating inspiration etc. This is hosted by me as “Red Ted Art”.

The second New Year’s Eve video talks more about traditions – what do we do as a family – do the kids get to stay up late? Is it all about a big party? Or just some time to reflect? I hope you enjoy both! This is hosted by me representing Handbags & Wellies! This makes for “great listening” whilst doing something else, like cooking the kids dinner or tidying up!

New Year’s Eve Ideas

New Year’s Eve Traditions


New Year’s Eve Ideas Links:

1) Time Capsule

2) Masquerade Mask

3) Marzipan Pigs

4) Champagne Cork Chairs

5) Calennig from Kids Chaos (a tradition from Wales)

6) Kids Chaos also talks about filling your party balloons with confetti for those mid nigh celebrations.

7) Egg Carton Masks snazzed up with gold and glitter from Zing Zing Tree

8)Zing Zing Tree also talks us through a number of different feathery hair adornments and mask

9) Zing Zing Tree also has a snazzy DIY mask t-shirt using her Cricut mashine. It looks fab and is such a great and simple item to wear out on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day

10) Domestic Goddesque reshares some of her fun Pipecleaner Creations for the New Year, as well as

11) Her DIY Book New Year’s Eve bunting (watch the video)


More New Year’s Eve Ideas for you:


Party Emoji Kaleidoscopes – perfect for New Year’s Eve or a Birthday Party DIY


12) Make a New Year’s Eve Kit as per inchmark’s website – make sure everyone has everything they need form party poppers to confetti!

New Years Eve

13) Make your own photo props with Hoosier Homemade.

New Years Eve Photo Idea

And more photo prop fun here too!


14) Make some of Fiskar’s Kid Party Crackers (if you don’t do them at Christmas!)

new years eve

15) Check out these lovely Countdown “corks” also from Fiskar, great for getting the kids involved.


16) Love this simple New Year’s Eve game from The Idea Room!

New Years Eve

17) Embellish old glasses for some New Year’s Eve cool from Ruffles & Stuff.

family party hats no text

18) Love these Party Hats from Salsa Pie.

New Years Eve idea

19) And how about some fun sparkler cupcake toppers? Genius!

20) New Year’s Eve Activities Sheets

21) We have more ideas in our Traditions from Around The World post and our previous 30 New Year’s Eve Activities post!

New Year's Eve Traditions from around the wrold 30-Wonderful-New-Years-Eves-Crafts-653x1024








And lots more New Year’s Eve Party Game ideas here.