Newspaper Monster Wreath for Halloween

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We haven’t made a new Newspaper Craft in a while. I LOVE upcycling newspapers though – like Toilet Paper Rolls – it is inexpensive, plenitful and versatile! So when it was time to create a Halloween Wreath this year…. I thouhgt a Newspaper Monster Wreath would be perfect! This wreath would also be the perfect addition to any Monster Party theme!

Halloween Monster Wreath
Frist made in October 2020

To make a Newspaper Wreath Monster, you will need:

  • Newspapers
  • Bright poster paints
  • Cardboard (for baking)
  • Light card or paper for teeth and eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Halloween wreath recycled

How to make a Newspaper Monster Wreath

I actually made this wreath by painting the newspaper FIRST (as per the step by step instructions below). However, on reflection, if I was to make this monster wreath again, I think I would paint it AFTERWARDS! And maybe even add a second colour in stripes! It doesn’t really matter though.. it is up to you. I just think painting it afterwards, is a little easier space wise and you can also paint exactly as much as you need.

Step by Step Instructions to making a Newspaper Wreath Monster for Halloween

Paint the newspaper and cut

We started off by painting 3-4 sheets of newspaper in bright orange and letting it dry fully.

In the meantime, I cut a large circle out of some a delivery box. I would say it was about twice the diameter of a dinner plate. I cut out the centre (the centre is probably the size of a paper plate. There are no exact measurement, just work with what you have.

Next I cut out some ornage paper square (ish). They were probably 12 x 12cm / 5 x 5 inch ISH! Again, work with a size that you like!

At first we “scrunched up” the paper, but actually discovered that doing a quick “concertina” or “accordion” fold is better and neater. You don’t have to be super accurate though.

Start gluing the newspaper wreath

Add lots of glue to the rim of your cardboard circle and start pressing your concerntina pieces in place. Make sure that they are aligned with the radius, so that they always point outwards and dont curve round. We focused on squishing the “base” of the concertina into the glue and onto the cardboard – with the outside of the concertina allowing to fan out.

Keep going all the way round the circle.

Then go around again, filling any gaps with more pieces of newspaper.

Adding the monster features to your wreath

Next, cut out some large white eyes (a glass is a perfect template) and some triangular teeth.

Have fun with the positioning of the eyes. I love how different the wreath looks depending on the placement of the eyes!

Glue the eyes on top of the newspaper.

Glue the teeth from behind.

Finally, add some ribbon or string – tape it to the back of the wreath. Be sure it is secured well. You may want to knot the bottom of the ribbon, to avoid it accidentally pulling out.

Now this wreath is very light weight and NOT waterproof, so you would only hang this in a shelter porch!

Newspaper Halloween Wreath


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