Easy Santa Craft Ideas for Kids

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Ah yes, can you tell?? I am SO EXCITED about Christmas.. I simply can’t wait!!!! Love Christmas… and all all Christmas Crafts for Kids… (we have lots of wonderful Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers too..) but I digress… today it is all about that jolly big man in red, today we have some gorgeous and Easy Santa Craft Ideas for Kids! This collection has something for everyone – for toddlers, preschoolers and kids of all ages!

Easy Santa Craft Ideas for Kids

Oh what a gorgeous diverse set of Santa Craft Ideas for Kids! Love how stinking cute these Father Christmas DIYs are indeed. Check them out today and get making!!!! #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas

I finally brought together some of our favourite Father Christmas Crafts and I hope you like these darling ideas too. As per usual, I have tried to group them a little into different typs of materials etc. And will try to create a special set of Santa Crafts for Preschoolers soon too!

I hope this December, you give some of these Santa Claus crafts a go! They are great for teh home or in the classroom. ENJOY!

Paper Santa Crafts

First up, let’s start with the humble paper Santa crafts. We love working with paper, whether it is regular printer paper or construction paper or even light card. As paper and card combined is incredibly versatile. Needless to say, you will be needing a lot of red paper and white paper for the basic Santa colors.. so do stock up! So grab your paper, scissors and glue and let’s take a look!

Santa Handprint Beards would work well for this too!

Fun Paper Santa Lanterns

First up we have these cutest of cute Paper Santa Lanterns! Love making the classic paper lantern? Then you will adore these Santa set, which even includes some handy (free) templates! Amazing what you can do with basic supplies such as paper and glue, right?! Though we did add some pom-poms for extra fun.

Paper Santa Craft For Kids

Easy Paper Santa Bookmarks

Next up, we have a craft favourite of ours – the Corner Bookmark. This time, we have turned this classic paper craftinto an adorable DIY Santa Bookmark Corner (the simple shapes make this an easy Craft).

Santa Craft For Kids

Similarly, Pikachu wants in on the Santa Bookmark action. There is also an adorable Pikachu Santa version too!

5 Minute Santa Greeting Cards to Make

Grab some cardstock.. it is time for some Christmas Cards. We love card making this time of year. And have a super simple Santa Card Design to make in bulk. This is part of a set of 10 Super Simple Cards. That are quick and easy to make – in fact, check out the Santa Bauble Card too!

3d origami santa ornament

3d Origami Santa Ornament

We took the classic triangle origami Santa and turned into into a 3d Paper Santa Ornament. So simple and cute!

Mickey Mouse Ornaments

Whilst on the topic of Santa and Ornaments.. How about these fabulous Mickey Mouse Ornaments? So fun and easy to make!

Pink and Black Santa Puppet Printables - 5 multicultural Santa Paper Puppets to choose from. #santa #santacrafts #paperpuppets #puppet #printable #multicultural
Such fun Santa Crafts!

A Set of Santa Paper Puppets – STEAM Christmas Activity

One of our Printable Santa Crafts – the Santa Puppet. We have 4 different Santa Puppets (with Printable) to choose from all with different skin tones, as well as a Santa Puppet Coloring Page! We love this STEAM project – as it introduces some basic mechanics to kids and is super fun to make!

Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas

Santa Cootie Catcher Printable

A collaboration with Easy Peasy Fun.. We have a set of quirky Christmas Cootie Catchers, which also includes an adorable Santa Cootie Catcher printable!

Santa Coloring pages Santa Craft For Kids. Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas

Santa Coloring Page

This free Santa Colouring Page can also be used as a greeting card. So fun. A great free Santa Printable for you!

Emotional Santa - SEL resources for Christmas

Santa Paper Toy Printable

Not only is this a fantastic free Santa Paper Toy Printable.. but this Santa Kaleidoscope ALSO helps explore emotions during the holiday season. Let’s faces it, there is a LOT going on in the build up to Christmas and it can all be a little overwhelming sometimes. So check out this great SEL resource and make one today.

Paper Santa Squishy DIY

Speaking of fidget toys.. have you ever given paper squishies a go? A relatively easy squishy DIY and here we have a our Paper Santa Squishy version (with free download).

Paper Santa Tin Can Desk Tidy (or bowling game)

Paper is a great way for decorating the humble tin can and turning it into a seasonal desk tidy or pen pot! The Santa Tin can is super quick and easy to make. Check out the the full set, which can also be used as Christmas Tin Can Bowling game.

Variations: use the same Santa Belt design, to decorate Santa Mason Jars!

Shape Santa Craft

Here is a great one for little ones, as you get to explore different shapes.. Combine circles, triangles to make this adorable Doily Santa Collage.

Santa Stars

I decided to give the Santa Stars their own heading, even though they kind of fit into different sections into this collection. But we LOVE Santa Stars, that we have made them in many guises of the years…

Paper Santa Stars

The kids and I actually made the very basic 5 pointed Santa Star twice! These were are strong childhood memory for me, so we came back to this craft more than once. The first time, they were tiny toddlers (well one of them was, the other was a baby) and we made a simple Santa Star Garland. Later, We we made the same Santa Stars again, but as Santa Star Greeting Cards. Kids love the cotton balls santa beards too!

Easy Salt Dough Recipe for Santa Ornament Making
Make an adorable ornament for the Christmas Tree

Salt Dough Santa Star Ornaments

A few year’s later, I revisited the Santa Stars, by making this Salt Dough Santa Ornament. I actually made it whilst running the Salt Dough Ornaments craft stall at our primary school. As part of that we had a number of pre baked salt dough ornament shapes, that the kids got to decorate with pens and embellishments. I decided it was time for another Santa Star! They really do make lovely Christmas Tree Ornaments to keep!

Santa Star Cookies - Santa Craft For Kids. Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas
This fluffy beard id edible!

Santa Star Cookies

Yes! Santa Star Cookies… can you see why the Santa Stars got their own “Heading”? Ha! We even turned our beloved Santa Stars into cookies one year. We aren’t master bakers at all in our house, but we do love to bake. So the decorating process for these Santa Stars is really simple and easy! Learn how to make these adorable Santa Cookies. Instead of cotton balls we used mini marshmallows, so fun!

Craft stick star ornaments

Popsicle Stick Santa Ornament

And… one more! The craft sticks santa ornament! Part of a set of super fun popsicle stick stars to make. Love this little Craft Stick Santa. He is SO easy to make too and so so cute!

Recycled Santa Crafts

Super cute and easy Santa Craft For Kids

Paper Roll Santa Craft for Preschoolers

Time for more cotton balls with this TP Roll Santa Treat Box – this is another golden oldie from Red Ted Art. We made this one when the kids were toddlers.. and then used it as a little Santa Treat Box as part of their St Nikolaus Day treats. Happy memories! Kids of all ages will love this one, as it is can be simplified or embellished according to your kids’ abilities.

Santa crafts - Santa Craft For Kids. Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas
Cork Santas make a great Christmas Tree decoration

Santa Cork Ornaments

Making a cork Santa is easy. And this is another blast from te past are these Mini Santa Ornaments (also fun for a game of Santa Bowling). We loved the cotton ball santa’s beard. But you could also use felt or yarn for these. You could JUST make the hats, and turn these into cuet Santa Hat Ornaments too!

Santa Craft For Kids. Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas
Our stick man needed a Santa buddy!

Stick Santa Ornament

We also loved making Stick Men around this time.. so of course also needed a simple Stick Santa Ornament (too fun!). The googly eyes make me giggle. Teehee, the best ideas, really are simple. And our little Stick Man Santa gets pride of place in the Christmas Tree every year!

Other Santa Crafts and Activities

paper plate santa

Paper Plate Santa with Cotton Wool Beard

Another classic! Is this wonderful and oh so simple Paper Plate Santa. Love the gorgeous textured Cotton Wool and Paper Plate Santa combination. A great one for toddlers and preschoolers alike!

Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas

Paper Plate Santa Claus Countdown Craft

And last but not least.. this FABULOUS Santa Count Down Craft – my goodness, isn’t it fun? A lovely activity by I Heart Crafty Things!

And why not give this Santa Beard Cutting Practice activity a go (includes free printable!).

DIY Santa Workshop  

Have a truly Magical Day with this DIY Santa Workshop

Santa Crafts with Popsicle Sticks

We are currently a bit thin on the ground for popsicle stick Santas.. but here are some ideas for you:

  • paint one popsicle stick to make it look like a tall thin Santa
  • Glue some popsicle sticks together and make a santa face
  • Glue 3 popsicle sticks together to make a Santa Hat triangle

Clay Santa Projects

Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas

Santa Plate

Salt Dough Handprint Ornament

 Santa Handprint Ornament

Sweet Treat Santa DIY ideas

Chocolate Santa Sleigh Gift Idea - Santa Craft For Kids

Santa Sleigh Candy Gift

And a super fun to give chocolate at Christmas.. turn them into a Santa Sleigh! We have been making these chocolate sleighs or Candy Sleighs for years now.. and it is our default way of gifting candy, treats and sweets during the holiday season. You can make the sleigh chocolate stakc as tall or small as you like. So it is an easy way to make it into a bigger or larger gift depending on the occasion!

Easy Santa Treats

Santa Candy Treats

Similarly, I once had a lot of candy/ sweets and candy canes left over.. so we made these little Santa and Santa Sack (filled with candy) treats for the kids!


Santa Craft For Kids #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas

Hershey’s Kisses

Or if you want really cute, but small, try these CUTEST every Santa Hershey’s Kisses!

Yarn Santa Crafts

Finger knitting Santa Hat

Finger knitting is also one of our long term favourite activities, here on Red Ted Art, so when Bean Creative said she would like to “Guest Post” this Finger Knitting santa hat.. I knew we HAD To share it. So.. come and learn how to finger knit a Santa Hat today!

Mini Knitted Santa Hat

Santa Hat Ornament

Whilst the kids where learning to knit, we made a set of mini knitted hats. They make the perfect Santa Hat Ornament too!

Crochet Santa Patterns

At present we have TWO free Crochet Santa Patterns.. they are actually Mickey Mouse Santas and we have two versios the Santa Mickey Mouse and the Santa Belt Mickey Mouse! Both make gorgeous Crochet Santa Ornaments and keepsakes!

Oh what a gorgeous diverse set of Santa Craft Ideas for Kids! Love how stinking cute these Father Christmas DIYs are indeed. Check them out today and get making!!!! #Santa #Santacrafts #santadiy #santadiys #crafts #craftsforkids #Christmas #fatherchristmas

Hope you love these cute and easy Santa craft ideas as much as we do!

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