Origami Boomerang that Comes Back

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Learn some Origami for Kids… Our summer fun continues. Today we have an AMAZING Origami Boomerang that ACTUALLY comes back. You have to be a little neater when making these Origami Boomerangs, BUT the actually steps are easy to do, follow and remember. So soon, you will be making 100s of these boomerangs. The best bit??? They actually come back. Make them. Take them to the park and learn to throw them. You can also spend some time to decorate in the aboriginal style and turn this into a fabulous lesson plan about Australia! A brilliant Paper Craft for Boys and girls.

Paper Origami Boomerang. This is such a cool paper toy to make. Quick to learn, hours of play!!

Origami Boomerang – materials:

  • A4 sheet of plain printer paper
  • Pens for coloring (optional)

This is a precise Origami project and it is important to try and be as neat as possible. If you are, you will be rewarded with a great Paper Toy that is quick to learn how to make. It is a great addition to a lesson plan about Australia or can be added to any STEM projects.

Origami Boomerang (that comes back):

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