Our Holiday to France

Oooh we are so so soooo excited to be going to the Loire Valley this year for our “big holiday”. We haven’t been on a “proper” holiday for 2 years, as The Englishman was studying.. and now we are going away thanks to Al Fresco Holidays.

We are going to Les Alicourts Resort

 Screen Shot 2

I know Red Ted is REALLY looking forward to the beach on the lake… I think it may be a little nippy (we are going in May), so I am really looking forward to the new indoor spa facility:

Screen Shot 3

Doesn’t it look fabulous?

You can see everything about the resort in this handy fact box. But I like the sound of the go-karting and that there s a playground for the children too.

“Summer” holiday, here we come!

If you want more information about Al Fresco Holidays, check out the Al Fresco Holidays blog for more local information.

Disclaimer: Al Fresco Holidays is supplying us with the holiday and in return, we are sharing our experience here on Red Ted Art.