3d Paper Angel Printable Craft for Preschoolers

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Time for an adorable and super simple classic 3d Paper Angel Printable! Part of our growing collection of Christmas Printables – to make Christmas crafting fun and easy! Yay. These simplicity of these lovely Angel Coloring Pages, make them perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Though kids of all ages will enjoy this lovely holiday craft too!

3d Angel Printable Coloring Pages

Easy 3d Paper Angel Printables
Paper Angels are quite addictive to make! You will want to make more than one!

We love the simple crafts too. As you know, we made a Loo Roll Angel earlier in the week – that was a “bigger undertaking”, but we also like keeping it simple at this time of year – that is where this Paper Angel Printable and our Christmas Photo Booth printables come in handy! Do also take a look at our other Christmas Printables, as well as this great comprehensive DIY Angel Ornaments post!

Paper Angel Printable for Kids
Stickers look great on your paper angel! We first published these Paper Angel Printables in Dec 2013! And have updated the post for your convenience!

Paper Angels are a LOVELY seasonal craft – they are easy to make and the children have great fun designing and colouring their own unique Paper Angels. Why not carefully fold them and pop them into an envelope instead of Christmas Cards this year? Or make an extra big Paper Angel for the Christmas tree?

Supplies needed for these 3d Paper Angels

  • Paper or light cardstock
  • Coloring pencils, crayons, pens, watercolors.. whatever takes your fancy
  • Scissors
  • (NO Glue!!)
  • Your printable (hosted on gumroad, enter $0 at check out)

Simply add $0 at checkout to grab this adorable Christmas Angel Freebie!

My kids made these Paper Angel when they were toddlers! Too cute!

How to make your 3d Paper Angel

All you need is four simple steps to make your 3d Paper Angel!

How to make a 3d Paper Angel
Grab your Paper Angel Printable

DOWNLOAD: Click on the button to download or here: RedTedArt Angel copyright.

How to make a 3d Paper Angel
Water colou pencils look great for these angels

DECORATE: Next, colour, paint, use fabric scraps or glitter to decorate to your hearts content!

How to make a 3d Paper Angel
Do decorate both sides of the wings for this paper angel

CUT: Just cut out the angel carefully.

You can now decorate the back of the angel wings too!

Easy 3d Paper Angel Printables
Get your Christmas Tree ready and pop your angel on top!

FOLD: Finally, simply fold together by slotting the wings into each other. Done!

PLEASE NOTE: if you are adding glitter to the paper angel’s wings like we did, you must to this to the REVERSE side of your paper angel, as that is the side you will see!

Have fun with our Free Paper Angel Printable!

A quick shout out to Ali from Kids Chaos for helping me prettify the drawing!!

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Have fun making your Angel Tree Toppers!!