Easy Toilet Paper Roll Love Birds for Valentine’s Day

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What would a collection of fun Valentine’s Day Crafts be, without a super duper cute Toilet Paper Roll Craft for kids?! We have the lovely Kate from The Craft Train again today (you will remember her from her fantastic Paper Roll LOVE BUGS a while ago) and today she shares her amazing and easy Toilet Paper Roll Love Birds craft – this comes with a Free Template to make it extra easy for you. Too cute. Such an adorable Valentine’s Day Craft for kids to make. Over to Kate!

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First shared in Jan 2019

Paper Roll Love Birds – a lovely decoration for Valentines

I love making Valentines crafts and I love working with empty toilet paper rolls, so I had a lot of fun designing these cute paper roll love birds for Red Ted Art. Have yourself a crafty morning, get the supplies out and have some fun wiht the kiddos!

They are made using a “squash and cut” technique, similar to our paper roll dinosaurs which have always been popular. Just squash, trace, cut and pop back into shape – then of course you need to decorate which is always to fun part. If you fill them with a little tissue paper (to make a base in your empty toilet paper roll), you can maybe even add a treat or candy inside as a small gift.

Here is how you can make one of these cute Valentine’s crafts…

To Make Your Paper Roll Love Birds you will need:

  • Paper towel roll
  • Paint in desired colours*
  • Googly eyes (these days we like to draw our eyes on, or cut out paper googly eyes and make the craft a teeny weeny bit more eco friendly!)
  • Scissors
  • Lead pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft glue
  • The free printable template

* We went for yellow, orange and red, but pink paint and red would love lovely too – combined with some white paper hearts? Just some ideas!

Though our craft supplies list is simple. You can always have a good rummage in your craft box and use up any other odds and ends of craft materials too.. maybe add some stickers or eco friendly glitter?! Though we do try and make our Valentine’s crafts as eco friendly as possible these days!

How to Toilet Paper Roll Love Birds with Kids

  1. Cut the template shape out following the black outline
  2. Flatten your paper roll, and lay the template on top of it
  3. Trace the shape with a lead pencil, if the template is too narrow for your paper roll simply extend the edges a little, making your outline go right to the fold’s edge
  4. Cut the shape out whilst your roll is still flattened
  1. Pop back out into a cylinder shape once again
  2. Using one of the folded offcut scraps, cut out a small beak
  1. Paint your bird. I painted the body one flat colour, and the tail a different colour. Allow the underlying flat colours to dry before adding more detail. In the meantime you can paint the beak.
  2. Once the flat colours have dried, paint a heart on the bird’s chest and spots on his tail (I used a q-tip for the tail). Alternatively you can cut out a heart shape from pretty paper/ piece of construction paper and stick it on your love bird! Washi tape also works as lovely additional decor.
  3. Glue two googly eyes and the beak in place and paint some rosy cheeks to finish off. As mentioned before, you may wish to use markers instead of the plastic googly eyes to make it a little more eco friendly. Or draw some fun eyes onto paper, cut out and stick on! You could also cut out a small heart as a “rosy cheeky”, too cute!
Toilet Paper Roll Love Birds for Valentines Day. Recycled Valentine's Day Craft for kids. Easy & Cute Love Birds for Kids & Preschool. Joining our love bugs #toiletpaperrolls #lovebugs #valentines #recycled
Crafting with toilet rolls is fun and easy!

Of course, you can never have just one lovebird can you? He would be sure to get lonely so you’ll need to make him a matching girlfriend – it is Valentine’s day after all! I love that Toilet Paper Tubes are so plentiful and versatile to craft with!

I hope you enjoyed this simple Valentine’s Day Tutorial and that you have a blast giving it ago. And that our free Valentine’s Template, helps you get crafty!

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Cutest little TP Roll love bugs – great filled with candy as gifts, or just use them as adorable decorations

About Kate at the Craft Train

Hello I’m Kate. I may be over 40 but I still love to spend time mucking around with glitter, paint, cardboard and glue so I’ve made it my full time job over at The Craft Train. Join me for lots of crafty adventures and fun activities for kids. Find kate on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too!

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