79 Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts the Kids will Love to Make!


Time to bring our Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts from over the years together in one place. From TP Roll Puppets, to play scenes, rocks and gift boxes.. you will find an ecclectic mix of craft ideas for the humble toilet paper roll! Each craft has it’s own step by step tutorial to help you make your own version with your little ones!

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We love Toilet Paper Roll Crafts!

Now our love affair with Toilet Paper Roll Crafts goes a LONG WAY BACK! In fact, I think one of our first 5 or so kids crafts here on Red Ted Art all those year’s ago was a craft made out of the oh so humble TP Roll!!!! Generally speaking a toilet roll craft is an easy craft! With lots of fun to be had. A lick of paint, a glue stick and a pair of scissors is all you need for the majority of today’s makes!

We love crafting with TP Rolls.. they are plentiful, pretty much EVERYONE has them.. and toilet paper rolls are surprisingly versatile! They are also free. And go well with our love of free craft resources, such as our Nature Crafts for Kids, we also adore Newspaper DIYs…. so without too much further ado… let’s see what you can make out of the humble Loo Roll!!!!!

There is nothing quite like a Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for kids!

Remember, we LOVE TP Roll Crafts here on Red Ted Art and will be adding more over time. So do make this your first port of call if you are looking for something specific to make out of TP Rolls.. alternatively, leave me a comment below if you can’t find what you are looking for!!

Toilet Paper Roll Marionettes

Oh yes, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of using toilet paper rolls to make marionettes! It all started with our “Giraffes Can’t Dance” puppets and suddenly we knew.. MORE marionettes needed to be made!

TP Roll Marionettes - use TP Rolls or Cardboard Tubes to make these fun recycled paper toys!
TP Roll Marionettes are fun and easy to make!

Loo Roll Binoculars

TP Roll Binoculars are SUCH a childhood classic, that we have in fact made several versions of them over the years – decorated in all sorts of manners… and “not decorated” at all (my kids frequently turn up with taped together TP Rolls dangling from their necks).. but if you do want to decorate and maybe use some handy printables here or there, check out these themed Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars!

Loo Roll Crafts for Kids - you can never have too many TP Roll Binoculars as a kid!
TP Roll Binoculars are easy and fun! Such a “classic” Paper Roll Craft for kids

5 Minute Crafts with TP Rolls

Sometimes, things are just a bit busy. If you want to craft something.. but want to craft in a hurry or don’t have much time to “set things up”.. here are some cute and simple “5 minute Toilet paper crafts”.

Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids - quick 5 minute crafts for kids with TP Rolls
TP Roll Craft isn’t just easy, but can be super QUICK too!

Cardboard Tube Gift Boxes or Favour Boxes

TP rolls also make great and quirky little gift boxes. They can quickly be decorated and converted to hold a precious gift or used as favour boxes at Birthday Parties

Recycled Crafts for Kids - TP Roll Gift Boxes and favour boxes. Genius.
A fun way to create treat boxes or party favours.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Organizers

Toilet Paper Rolls make great organisers… especially as they are so plentiful. So make sure you collect them for a week or two and then you will be able to make some of these TP Roll Organisers

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids - get organised with these TP Roll Organisers
The kids will love to decorate their rooms

TP Roll Play Sets & Toys

Many of the easy TP Roll Crafts for Kids we have made over time, have just been “play things”.. things we made to go with a favourite book or story.. to bring the story to life and to play with. You will see.. we have a great long list of Toilet Paper Roll Toys and Play sets that the kids can make with you. Hrre we go….

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids - make your own TP Roll Toys and TP Roll Play sets. Love these.
Over the years, we have had so much play time fun with our Toilet paper roll creations

Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts

This is a recap of some of the TP Roll Crafts for kids in other sections, but again, I think it is worth to highlight them again in a special Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts subsection. I have ordered them alphabetically (by animal name, not title of the post!!) and I have some great new crafts coming for this section over the coming months, so please do check back again!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids - TP Roll Animals

(In fact, do take a peak at our Bug Toilet Paper Roll Crafts section as welll as a dedicated Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts section! So cute).

Wearable Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Yes, you can WEAR your toilet paper roll creations too! And often you can’t even tell it is a TP Roll.. well it depends on what you are making of course. But here are some great TP Roll wearable ideas for you! They are quick and easy too and should probably go into the 5 minute TP Roll Craft category too!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids - wear your TP Roll with pride!
Wear your Cool TP Roll Crafts!

Practical Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Yes that is right easy TP Roll crafts are not just easy and fun, but can be PRACTICAL too…

Loo Roll Autumn Crafts

TP Roll Crafts for Kids - ideas for Fall and Halloween

As with our TP Roll Animal section, these TP Roll Autumn Crafts are been regrouped from previous sections – specifically for Autumn, as sometimes it is nice to browse by season! We also have a specila Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Crafts section fo ryou to explore!

TP Roll Christmas Crafts

There lots of great Christmas Crafts you can make with kids using recycling materials
Christmas Crafting is super fun with recycled materials

Well.. if you know Red Ted Art well.. you will know that we have written about Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts before!! But will share them here (for completeness sake again!). You may have seen some of the following in sections above, but they are suitable for Christmas too, so I thought I would share them again!

 But do check out our original Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts  list, because we have some surprise extras!

Fun ideas for crafting with TP Rolls