Pirate Crafts: Treasure Box & Pirate Boat


Our love affair with our Pirate Toys continues. You may have seen them in our DIY Cardboard Pirate Boat and Egg Carton Treasure Box posts.  The children were given  more Pirate toys this Christmas. Pip Squeak got a little rowing boat with a treasure box and Red Ted got a little Cannon that fires cannon balls. As Pip Squeak has the cardboard pirate ship, I thought it was the “right way” round of giving the gifts.. now she has a “store bought boat too”…. and yes, it resulted in Red Ted saying “Can I have a treasure box too please? And a rowing boat?”. Luckily, I am craftily unphased by this and was prepared for these questions… so… we turned a large matchbox into a treasure box and a Lego box into a rowing boat.

To make the rowing boat – we followed the same  process as for the Cardboard DIY Pirate Ship – starting with the base of the boat and going from there (please let me know, and i can add extra photos for you!).

Treasure Box Craft

For the treasure box, we painted the matchbox brown, glued on some golden ribbons (from a Christmas gift) and added a gold latch with a gold pen. Super quick and easy.

Pirate Treasure Box and Rowing Boat

Red Ted is SUPER happy!


PS I am FREQUENTLY asked about these little pirates. And I have put them into my Amazon Affliate US Store for your convenience!

Red Pirate

Large Ship

Girl Pirate

Paco Pirate

Pirate & Cannon

For UK Visitors, check out:

Pirate Toys and Red Pirate

They are quickly becoming collectors toys here in the UK… so do grab snap yours up!