Unicorn Party Ideas & Crafts

So, I was quite pleased when Pip Squeak decided to have a Unicorn Party.. a nice change from Princess Party themes (not that there is anything wrong with a princess party of course!!). A unicorn party allowed for lots of lovely horse crafts, as well as some rainbow fun. Brilliant. So Unicorn Party it is.

Unicorn Party Ideas

Unicorn Party Invites

We started off with our Unicorn Party Invites. Pip Squeak was turning four and I wanted them to be age appropriate:

Unicorn Party for Preschoolers

As per our Unicorn Invites post – I cut the strips, she stuck them in rainbow colour order. I then printed off a Unicorn for her to cut out and stick. I think she did a great job. I encouraged her to sign all the cards with her name too. Great writing practice.

Next up, we had to plan the Unicorn party itself!

Unicorn Party Food

I decided to be ambitious and make a Rainbow Cake for her… actually, not just any rainbow cake, but I made her  a Pinata Rainbow Cake!! It went down a treat!

Rainbow Surprise Cake 2

I saved the centre of the cake – and she had that the next day with a playdate that couldn’t make her party! We topped the Rainbow Cake with some Unicorn Playmobil.

UnBirthday Cake


Happy Girl Indeed! And just to let those food colouring nay sayers know – all 8 children were perfectly well behaved after this cake – no bouncing off walls! I think a little food colouring is fine and so long as the kids are entertained, there usually isn’t a problem.

Pink Sandwiches

In addition to the Unicorn Rainbow Cake, the kids got pink cheese sandwiches (we have a bread machine and I added some pink food dye.

Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow cookies are a great addition to any Unicorn Party Food – you can make them a week or two in advance and store them in an air tight container!

rainbow cookies

I also bought a Unicorn Cookie Cutter and made some Unicorn Cookies. I used Royal Icing to decorate the ones for the party bag… and the kids got to decorate some on the day!

Rainbow Fruit Platter

I was going to make a Rainbow Fruit Platter, but didn’t get the time to finish it! Next time maybe! Or you could make some Rainbow Fruit Kebabs!


Unicorn Party Activities

Decorating Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn Party Cookies

We had to many “party crafts” – firsly the kids decorated some Unicorn Cookies (as mentioned above), these were great to do, as the kids were arriving – it kept the early arrivals busy, whilst waiting for the later ones.

We set out some baking paper per child and a spoon and had a cookie rack all ready for the drying of the finished cookies. Top tip: keep some sticky notes handy and write the child’s name on them as you place your cookies for drying. Will be quite tricky to figure whose is whose afterwards!

Unicorn Hobby Horse

Next we made Unicorn Hobby Horses from light card stock. I prepped the parts ahead of the time and the kids got to assemble and have FUN!

Hobby Horse Craft

Once finished the kids went off for a little Unicorn Hobby Horse ride! Again… remember to put names on your horses… we did have one mix up and tears at the end of the day..

Next… our Unicorn Party Games.

Unicorn Party Game - pin the tail

We played Pin The Unicorn’s Tale and Main (using the same basic template as for the Hobby Horse) and

Unicorn Party Games

….”Hoop the Unicorns Horn” (We have a toy horse and added a rainbow horn to it (to make the horn, cut a QUARTER of a circle out of rainbow paper or similar, roll up and glue, then add some elastic around the bottom. I also added some glitter glue just because!)

unicorn picture

Find and Match the Unicorn Cards. You can print these unicorn cards out here –Blue & Purple, Red & Green, Yellow & Orange.

We played other traditional games such as Musical Statues too.

We also played “Match the Unicorn Halves” and I created a free Printable for you.

Unicorn Party Prize Tokens

Instead of SWEETS, we gave out TOKENS as prizes. At the end of the party, they were able to exchange the tokens against one lolly. This managed the sweet consumption a little. I love how Pip Squeak designed her own tokens.. this his is her own Unicorn! I also love that the kids helped me cut these out. Nothing quite like a little bit of child labour (and saving some time!!)

UPDATE – we have since made these wonderful Unicorn DIYs, that you may also like:

Love this fabulously whimsical Unicorn Headband DIY! These Unicorn Ears and Horns would make a wonderful party craft for tweens or turn them into a kit and give them as party favours! So cute!!

Unicorn Bookmarks

Unicorn Corner Bookmarks

DIY Unicorn Horn & Costume Idea for Halloween

Unicorn Costume DIY made from a Paper Bag!

TP Roll Unicorn Crafts

Unicorn Puppet!

Unicorn Party Bags

Finally time to go home and for the Unicorn Party Bags.. ours included:

  • Rainbow coloured wooden beads
  • Mini water colour set
  • Two unicorn cookies
  • Rainbow Cake
  • Some glow sticks
  • Unicorn Tattoos
  • ..and of course their Unicorn Hobby Horse

More Unicorn Party Ideas (via my lovely Facebook Readers!)

  • Make rainbow jelly
  • Get the kids making unicorn horns as a party activity –  (by making a cone from a piece of cardstock & decorating it, then hot gluing ribbon to tie under our chin to keep it on)
  • Upside down icecream corns as “horns”
  • Paper plate unicorn crafts
  • Make “unicorn food” mixture to lure unicorns (sunflower seeds for sunny smiles, powdered sugar for energy, skittles for bright rainbows, etc. etc.)
  • Hoof print treasure hunt
  • Throw the horse shoe (for outdoors parties only.. ours will be indoor, so not realistic)
  • “any” rainbow craft
  • Little unicorns for the party bags!

Unicorn Party sorted!