Planting Creative Seeds

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Planting Creative SeedsPlanting Creative Seeds – so what is it all about? As you know, one of the aims of writing this blog is to get people crafting again – people who think they are not crafty, people who don’t have the time to be crafty, people who don’t know where to start or people who just don’t like the crafty mess!

Everyone is creative. When it comes to crafting there is no “right or wrong”.

I have teamed up Alissa from Creative With Kids to help you get started this year and help you Plant those Creative Seeds. Alissa and I would like to this to be an ALL INCLUSIVE approach to creativity – whether you are an adult crafting as a hobby, a parent crafting with or for your children or a carer planning to do more with your charges, we would like to work with YOU!

Do you want to try new things, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn a new craft? Maybe to sew or crochet? Do you want to teach your child a new craft?  Or do you simply want or feel like you should craft more with your children?

Are you one of those people (like me) who has drawers and boxes full of wonderful crafty material that you have forgotten you had? Are you not making the most of what you have got?

Alissa and I have each created a resource page on which you and other creative bloggers can share your thoughts and ideas to get crafting more!

We will be looking at

1) Planning and goals

2) Organising your creative space

3) Getting crafting and MAKING!

So.. want to get crafty more? Need a little help?

Come subscribe to this blog and don’t miss out on any of the creative prompts. Take part. Write down want you want to do. If you blog, share it on the Planting Creative Seeds Resource page.

Here are some lovely books you may like (click on the book to read the review):

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