Pom Pom Birds for Valentines


We do love a cute pom pom craft!!! And how about these adorable Pom Pom Birds for Valentine’s Day? Such a fabulous Kids’ Valentine’s Day Craft and super cute gift idea for kids to make.

Welcoming, Swami Mommi to the 31 days of Love guest post series!

Adorable Pom Pom Love Bird Craft for Valentines
Pom Pom Birds for Valentines!

Love Bird Craft for the Young At Heart: Let the Ones You Love Know You Care.

At Swami Mommi, we are continuously inspired by family, creativity and our own “We Can Do It” spunk. Everyday we have the challenge to include everyone and love them dearly, from our families to our friends and our neighbors near and far.  These little darlings deliver love to family, friends and kids of all ages. Adults too! Let’s let these cute lovebirds do our bidding, shall we?

To make Pom Pom Love Birds

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  • Clover Brand Pom Pom Makers (US/ UK) – if you don’t want to purchase one, we have a set of 7 (!) different pom pom making techniques that you may like to take a peak at!
  • Chunky Fluffy Soft Yarn (US/ UK)
  • Bernat Pop Bulky Yarn (US/ UK)
  • Little Bells (US/ UK) – though we do like to save these from Easter Bunny Chocolate.. I am sure you can imagine which kind!
  • Oval Wiggle Eyes (US/ UK)
  • Rainbow Feathers (US/ UK)
  • Upholstery Thread (US/ UK)
  • Cardstock paper in your favorite colors (US/ UK)
  • Gel Pens (US/ UK)
  • Glue (Glue gun for adults and white glue for kids) (US/ UK)
  • Scissors (US/ Uk)
  • Tape (US/ Uk)

How to make Pom Pom Love Birds for Valentines

We have a detailed crafty video here, if you would find that helpful!

Make your pom pom! We decided to make the large pom poms. Wrap both halves of the pom pom maker. And cut the thread.

How to make pom poms step by step 2

Cut through the thread and using Upholstery thread to tie off. Make sure you have a nice strong knot to secure it.

Adding your pom pom love birds feet and message

Cut out Feet from cardstock paper.

Attach pom pom to the feet using the string left over when you tied off. Make a slit in the feet and tape the string to the underside.

Pom pom love birds for valentine's day

String a bell and tie it around the base of the bird where it attaches to the feet.

Glue eyes and feathers.

how to make pom pom birds for valentines

Cut out a small square from cardstock and fold into a triangle to make a beak. Trim to size.

Pom pom love bird valnetines idea

Cut out a strip of cardstock paper and write “I Love You!” (or any other sweet little message!)

Glue the message to the base of the Love Bird at the feet.

Easy pom pom love birds valentines for kids to make

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