Valentine’s Day Keychain Craft

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We love homemade gift ideas for kids! And Valentine’s Day is a great time to make something special for a friend. Take a look at this gorgeous Valentine’s Day Keychain craft, complete with free printable!

A great addition to our Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crafts!

Valentine's Day Keychain gift for kids to make

Welcoming La Maison the Lou Lou to our 31 Days of Love guest post series!

Friendship Valentine’s key chains

To make your friendship keychains you will need

Materials for your friendship keychain
  • Yarn (different colors, size etc)
  • Key chain
  • Colored beads
  • Scissors
  • Free printable
  • Hole punch
  • Cardboard (optional)

How to make Valentine’s Day Keychains

How to make a tassle

First let’s make a tassel.

Yarn + 2 long strings of yarn + piece of cardboard.

Take your cardboard and roll some yarn around it. Take your first string of yarn, make a knot around the stack of yarn you did.

Now you can take your tassel out of your cardboard; then cut one edge (the opposite of your knot).

Take your second piece of string and roll it at around ½” from your first knot. Refer to pics if necessary.

Add your beads to the keychain

Add your beads to your tassel string, then attached it to your keychain.

Adding your printable to the keychain to make it a Valentine’s Day gift

Cut one heart out of your printable, and with the help of your punch make a hole. Attached your keychain to your heart.

adorable keychains for valentine's day

You are done! Make as much as your want

Second, let’s make a braid.

Though this is a “normal” 3 Strand Braid.. you may also like our 4 Strand Braid video tutorial! It is easy and looks great!

How to braid a Valentine's Day friendship keychain

Yarn + 2 long strings of yarn.

Choose 3 colors of yarn.Cut 2 long strings of each color. Leave around 2” of strings before your start braiding. For an idea make a braid the size of a bracelet.

Fold it in half. Take the first string and make a knot at the top of your braid. Take your second string and roll it at the edge of your braid.

Now add some beads and attached it to your keychain. Cut and add your heart. You’re done. Make as much as you want.

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