Pom Pom Bunny Pencil Toppers

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Pom Pom Bunny Pencil Toppers

bunny pom pom pencil topper DIY - a cute, fun and easy craft

These cute little pencil toppers, are super duper easy and fun to make.. and they are make a great Back to School craft, a lovely gift for bunny lovers or of course a great Easter or spring craft too. Pom poms are super to make – there are lots of different ways to make a pom pom! Personally we love the Clover Pom Pom Maker and the Fork Pom Poms the most (click through for step by step photos, or check out the videos embedded below).

To make your Pom Pom Bunny Pencil Topper you will need:

  • wool/ yarn in the desired colour, we used grey
  • some small pieces of felt for ears, eyes and nose
  • a pom pom making (optional) or fork
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun (though good PVA glue works too)

DIYPom Pom Bunny Pencil Topper:

I am sharing a HOW TO video here today.. but below the video, I also provide you with written instructions in case you cannot view the video. There are also two pom pom making videos embedded!

Sooo to make your pom pom bunny pencil toppers:

1) Firstly, prep your pencils – we peeled the decor off one pencil and painted the other with enamel paints.

I used these enamel paints – US/ UK (affiliate links) you can use acrylic paints to or not bother!

2) Make your pom pom – either using, your preferred pom pom making technique! Trim the pom pom if necessary.

3) Cut out some long point ears. fold at the bottom and glue into place.

4) Glue on some eyes and a nose (small pieces of felt). If using PVA glue, let all this DRY FIRST before proceeding. If using a hot glue gun.. move on….

5) Glue your pom pom to your pencil


How to use a Clover Pom Pom Maker:

How to make Fork Pom Pom:

Hope you have fun and enjoy our Pom Pom Bunnies!