Angry Bird Crafts – Easy Bookmark Corners

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I think our love affair with bookmarks is going to go on **forever**. Just as I thought, we couldn’t possible do yet another Corner Bookmark.. a new challenge comes along! This time, my readers **demanded** some Angry Bird Bookmark Corners. And with the new Angry Bird Movie coming out soon, I thought, why not.. a great challenge. For those that LOVE Angry Birds, you may also like this DIY Angry Bird Game. So fun!!! For those of you who simply love bookmarks, we have a magnificent and eclectic set of Bookmark Crafts for you here! (I think my favourite being the Monster Corner Bookmarks (that started this craze in our house off) and our Fox Corner Bookmarks…)

Angry Birds Bookmark Corner. A great corner bookmark craft for kids to make and enjoy. Learn ho wto make these easy and fun angry bird crafts!! #bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #bookmarks #angrybirds

How to make an Angry Bird Bookmark (Video):

Written instructions are found below!

Written Instructions – for your Angry Bird Bookmarks –

Angry Bird Corner Bookmarks - these are easy and super fun to make and give

See step by step PHOTO instructions for the basic ORIGAMI BOOKMARK here.

  1. You need start off with a square piece of paper – any size, but we usually use one approx 15cm square. Bring one corner up towards the opposite corner, creating a diagnol fold. Crease this and you will have a traingle.
  2. Now with the long side of the traingle running across your work surface, take the bottom right point and bring it up towards the top corner of the triangle. Make sure that the line you are create is perpendicular to your long line at bottom.
  3. Repeat with the bottom left pointed corner and bring up to the top. This should leave you with a “square diamond”, that has a line down the centre.
  4. Open the flaps. And you should see folds that show a diamond in the centre. Bring down the TOP HALF of this diamond and make a crease.
  5. Now you lift the flaps back and tuck them into the the triangle you have just create.

You now have a basic corner bookmark to decorate!

To turn this into an Angry Bird Bookmark, you need cut out:

  • a white tummy (quarter of a circle)
  • 2 white eyes
  • a beak
  • a black eye brows rectangles

I used a black pen to outline the features and make them more cartoon like, then glue these on!

Then as a last detail – round off the tummy – by cutting a curve and done!

And look at this WONDERFUL set by a Red Ted Art reader:

Aren’t they fabulous!!!  LOVE the king piggy!

Angry Bird Corner Bookmarks

What do you think? Don’t they look fabulous? A perfect little Angry Bird Craft for Angry Bird fans!

As mentioned above, I have not brought these all together on our Bookmark Corner Page – so you can browse all the designs at your leisure!! (Currently we have 20+ designs… but we keep updating and adding more ideas!!)

Some of the best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE!