Pom Pom Wreath For Kids


Many moons ago, we went to a Christmas in July do with the lovely ladies at Hobbycraft. They showed us all their latest Christmassy bits and pieces and got us into the festive mood. They were sad not to see Pip Squeak, as they had loved her crafty enthusiasm at Easter. So they gave me a little crafty pack **just for her**: a little Styrofoam wreath, some colourful pompoms and some glue dots. Genius.

Pom Pom Wreath

Pip Squeak was all over this craft. I helped her put the glue dots on the pom poms… and she stuck away… we put the glue stick on the pom pom.. but in retrospect, it may be even easier/ simpler if you stick all the glue sticks on the wreath and then just add the pompoms that way. You will get the most “surface area” sticking down.

Bobble Wreath

Then we gave them all a good squish to make sure they were nice and secure..

PomPom Wreath for Kids

And all done! It has been hanging on her bedroom door since July! And thankfully it is in Season now!!!

Wreath for Kids

So sweet! Do you like our Pom Pom wreath?

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