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It has been a while since we have had a Great Artists for Kids project here on Red Ted Art. So I am very pleased to say that today’s 31 Days of Love guest posts is all about Pop Art!! Wonderful. We love a great Valentine’s Art Project. If you are looking for more great Valentines Day inspiration, we have grouped previous Valentines Guest Posts into the following for you Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers, Valentine Day Treats and Valentine Decorations – I hope that makes fr easy browsing! Today’s Pop Art Hearts make a great Valentine Cards for Kids  project too!

Pop Art Hearts PIN 1

Thanks so much to Maggy for having us over to share our Pop Art Hearts with you.

My name is Nicola and I have been running Crafty Kids at Home for two years now, sharing the arts and crafts ideas that I do with my three children at home. We love to explore and experiment with different art techniques and junk materials in our activities and we complete many of our projects all together. We find our inspiration from my childrens current obsessions, the beautiful Irish landscape around us and what should be making it’s way out into our recycling bin. I hope that you enjoy our Pop Art Hearts. If you would like to keep up to date with our next projects then you can find us over on Instagram and Pinterest.

Pop Art

Pop Art Hearts 3

Pop Art began in the UK during the 1950’s and 60’s and grew into a huge art movement when it crossed the water to the United States. It’s focus is to take and re-fashion imagery, styles, advertising themes and popular cultural items into bright and bold works of art. Are you a fan?

Kids and Art

A great way to get kids interested in creating their own art works is to expose them to the work of famous artists. This can be something as simple as browsing art online or taking a trip to the library to check out some art books. We love to visit art galleries as a family as well. It’s a fun way to fill a afternoon and it’s really interesting (and sometimes funny) to hear your child’s take on a piece of art. Have you visited a gallery with your kids before?

Pop Art is an excellent form of art for kids to have a go at. It’s eye-catching colours and images are sure to get the creative juices flowing and that is exactly what happened during our activity.

Pop Art Heart – Valentines Art Project – Supplies

  • Thin Cardstock
  • Sharpies

How to make Pop Art Heart Cards

Pop Art Heart 1

Feeling inspired by husband’s love of Pop Art, we set about making some special Pop Art Heart inspired Valentine’s Day cards for him.

My eldest son (aged 9) was most taken by the bold comic strip style words of Roy Lichtenstein. So he set about sketching out the word LOVE and then added a bold zig-zag border around it.

His art really started to come to life and “pop out” of the card, when he began adding an array of bold colours with his different coloured markers.

Pop Art Hearts 7 Pop Art Hearts 4

His younger brother (7) felt more inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. He decided to take a simple heart and repeat it on his card using a different coloured pen to colour in each of his hearts.

They sat together side by side putting in the time required to get all of the white card covered in colour. The brighter and bolder the colours the better, when you are re-creating your own Pop Art.

Pop Art Hearts 7

Pop Art Hearts 6

I think their Dad is going to be really impressed with their efforts. What do you think?

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