Exploring The Great Artists – 30+ Art Projects for Kids

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Introducing the Great Artist to my kids is something that has been on my agenda for a long long long time. My kids are only 4yrs and 2yrs old, so of course there is still plenty of time. However, this hasn’t stopped me buying lots of wonderful art books for children (amongst our current favourites are Kate and the Mona Lisa and Anna’s Art Adventure), as well as going on trips to art galleries (our most memorable trip being to the very welcoming Tate Britain, but also a couple of visits with Granny to the Royal Academy).  Now I am keen to “up the ante”. We have had a look at “real” paintings before and then had a go at painting our own (specifically we did a “Klimt” painting, that Red Ted LOVES), but I have never really approached “The Great Artists” formally with my kids and I wasn’t sure how to write about it here for you.

the great artists kids projects

My background is NOT in education and it is NOT in art. So, sometimes I am a little intimidated by those that do have a background in art or education and I worry “will I do it right?” and “what IS the right way?” and “If I talk about it here, will I get told, I am not doing it right?”.

But when it comes to children, in particular young children, you cannot go wrong by:

* Simply exposing your children to art – whether it is going to a gallery or looking at a statue in your shopping centre.

* Simply having a go – if you see something and it makes you want to have a go, in whatever form you choose – surely that is good and  there is no real right or wrong.

* Encourging an interest in art by asking your child lots of questions (“What colours do you like best?” “What do you think that is?” “What are they doing?” What is your favourite bit?” “How does it make you feel?”).

So. What is the best way of helping your child create art that is inspired by the Great Artists? This is the beginning of our journey. I have a number of lovely teacher bloggy friends keen and willing to share their experiences with me (some of whose sites you will find linked below). I also have a number of educational art books stacked up to read. And I invite you to join our journey with us.

Take your child’s journey, as an opportunity to learn yourself“. A child doesn’t mind if you don’t know something and it is a great way to brush up on your own knowledge!

To begin with, I have pulled together a collection of posts for inspiration – from people with all sorts of backgrounds – some in education, some not.  Some may have a formal approach, some do not.

What they have in common, is that they are sharing their interest and love for art with their children and that together they are being creative. No right. No wrong. Just having a go. Why don’t you?

So. To the Great Artist Round Up!

I have always shown “originals” by the artist. Please visit the links to explore what the children created. The art activities listed are in no particular order. I am sure you will be impressed – without being intimidated! You will find lots of different approaches and techniques. Which goes to show that there are lots of different ways of exploring art with your children! Exploring artists, doesn’t always mean, that the children “should” copy the style or painting, but for example could also mean making a puzzle out a print or acting out a story. The main thing is to enjoy the art and be inspired!

  fine art for kids

Matisse – Scrap Paper Master Piece by No Time for Flashcards

Andy Warhol’s Headlines – by Child Art Retrospective (I also love the Hundertwasser houses)

Jackson Pollock for children by Sunny Day Today Mama (and more Van Gogh too)



David Hockney, Photo Montage

Banksy, Street Art – Stencils and Spray Paint

fine art for kids the great artists for kids the great artists klimt

Mondrian – primary colours and paper strips by Thomas Elementary Art

Van Gogh – Study and Printable book by Deceptively Educational

Klimt – an art lesson by Mr Julies Art School

  art activities for children

Pop Art PRINTS – Andy Warhol Styrofoam printing by The Seeds Network

Pop Art – Portraits – Andy Warhol  Photograph block colouring by The Seeds Network (find Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg ideas too)

Picasso – A round up of child create art in the style of Great Artists by Teach Preschool

fine art for kids art activities for kids fine art for kids

Ted Harrison – By That Artist Woman

Klimt – Lesson Plan 4-6 yrs olds by Kinder Art

Jackson Pollock – large scale collaborative (fun fun fun!) by 52 Brand New

the great artists picasso the great artists the great artists

Picasso – Faces – Art Lessons for Kids

Turner – Sea Monsters by Red Ted Art (& Tate Britain)

Alma Woodsey, by We Heart Art

the great artists for kids great artists for kids the great artists for children

Kandinsky – Marker art by No Time for Flashcards  (find lots more inspiration more from No Time For Flashcards here)

Van Gogh (& Others) – tracing outlines by Practical Pages

Helen Frankenthaler – by Dilly Daly Art (and more from Dilly Dally Art here)

the great artists for children art activities for kids the great artists for kids

Faith Ringgold – Tar Beach series by Pink and Green Mama

Alexander Calder- Mobile by Deceptively Educational

(More) Kandinsky – this time Water Colours by Artsy Craftsy Mom

modern artists for children the great artists  the great artists

Kuitca – a Sense of Place collages by Child Art Retrospective

Monet – Tissue paper collage by Here Come the Girls

Mondrian – Lego (!) though not created by children, I HAD To share this “Lego” Mondrian over at Walker Zanger Blog

the great artists for children renaissance for kids monet for kids

Georgia O’keeffe – Flowers by Pink and Green Mama (also find some Henri Rousseau)

Giotto – mix your own tempura paint by Mama Scouts

Monet – a collaborative art project by Explore Education

artists for kids artwork for kids art activities for children

Aelita Andre – Prodigy of Color – by Angelique Felix

Mondrian – Cardboard Box Murial – by Art Play Explore (and find more Monet here)

(More) Kandinski – Felt (ooh lovely) squares by Art Projects for Kids

the great artists  the great artists great artists for kids

Escher, LOTS of wonderful ideas by se7en (love this site!)

Dali, again lots of ides by se7en and her kids!

Alexander Calder, sculpture by MaryAnn Kohl

great artists for kids Finished Large Flag Art Project

Van Gogh, oil pastels by Patch of Puddles

Collaborative Jasper Johns Flag Art Project!

Other Arty Sites/ Posts you may like:

* Deep Space Sparkle

* Act in Art For some fabulous videos on children exploring Picasso, Klee and Klimt

* Montessori Inspired Art Appreciation

exploring art with kids

And remember to just let them look!

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