Pop Up Dress Card for Mother’s Day

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As you know we adore cute and easy 3D Pop Up Card How To Projects for Kids. And we have yet another fabulous pop card desugn for you today – an easy Pop Up Dress Card for Mother’s Day or Prom Day.

This would also be a cute Pop Up Wedding Day Card (make a nice white wedding dress that pops up)! We have lots more fantastic Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids too!

Pop Up Dress Card for Mother's Day. Easy Mother's Day Pop Up Card for Kids to make. These would be lovely Prom Day Card DIYs or DIY wedding cards too! #popupcards #3dcards #cardmaking #mothersday #prom #wedding
Adorable Pop Up Origami Dress Card for Mother’s Day, Wedding Days or Proms! First shared in Feb 2018.

Pop Up Dress Card DIY – Materials

  • Square piece of paper (we used 12cm x 12cm)
  • Card stock (we used A6 cards like these
  • Bakers twine
  • Mini washing line pegs (optional)
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Glue stick

How to make a Pop Up Dress Card DIY

First you will need to make a little Origami Dress!

We have a great post about how to make an Origami Dress, here.. or you can watch the following video!

How to make a paper dress origami

If you are using an A6 Card – then 12cm x 12cm paper is a great size to get a lovely paper dress to fit just inside your card.

Assembling your Pop Up Dress Card

Once you have your origami dress all ready, it is time to assemble your pop up card. Watch the video on auto play on this page to learn how to assemble the card into a pop up. Or read the written instructions here!

First fold the dress in half – right side out. You should have a crease running down the middle of the skirt already. You are just accentuating it! It needs to be very neat! Also, if the back of the dress (where the sleeves are) doesn’t fold flat, you may wish to glue these parts down.

Make two small folds to either end of the skirt – a bit like a thin triangle. These will be the parts you need to glue down into your card.

Add glue to the back of these paper triangles.

Place your card flat and place your dress on top. Hold the triangles in place and check that the dress folds as the card folds, as well as that it doesn’t peep out. If you are happy with the placement, press down to help make the paper dress stick!

Take a length of Baker’s Twine (I did not measure ours, but it is approximately 20cm long).

“Peg it” to the top of the dress.

Then loops the ends and glue on to your card stock. I used glue stick for both the dress and the bakers twine and it was just fine.

Let it all dry and your Pop Up Dress Card for Mother’s Day is finished. Isn’t it adorable? I do love how these paper dress cards turned out. So very cute. As mentioned, I think these would be great for a fashion orientated birthday card, as wedding card or as a DIY Prom Day card…

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This Pop Up Dress Card assembly video is also available on YouTube: