Pop Up Gingerbread Man Card for 3d Christmas Fun

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The pop up fun continues, just in time for your Christmas Card crafting.. but not just ANY Christmas Cards.. but adorable 3d Christmas Card Designs. Learn how to make these super duper easy Pop Up Gingerbread Man Card for Christmas. How we love a cute and easy Pop Up Card Project for kids!

Easy Gingerbread Men Pop Up card made from paper chains for 3d Christmas card fun
First shared in Sept 2019

3d Pop Up Gingerbread Man Cards – Materials needed:

Easy Gingerbread Men Pop Up card made from paper chains for 3d Christmas card fun
  • Card stock (we used green A6 cards)
  • Some brown paper for the gingerbread men (but white paper, coloured in is great too)
  • Paper scraps for details such as buttons and candy canes
  • Pens
  • White paint or paint pen (optional)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and scrap paper if you wish to make a template first!

For ease, I have a created a Printable Pack on Teachers Pay Teachers. In it you get a lesson plan overview, printable worksheet and a choice of 3 different templates – full paper chain to colour and cut out, an outline of paper chain to fold and cut and a template to use with your own chain – depending on skills and time in class!

Learn how to make 3d Pop Up Gingerbread Man Cards here:

As per usual we have a fabulous card making video tutorial below. But havea also shared some step by step instructions!

How to make 3d Gingerbread Men Cards – Step By Step instructions

Making your pop up gingerbeard men

Concertina your BROWN paper in aproximately 3.5cm folds (photo shows white paper, but we used brown). They need to super neat with each edge aligning perfectly. You need a total of 6 folds!

Draw a half a gingerbread man– make sure the “outside (ie the arm and leg)” of the gingerbread man is on the side that “flaps open” and also that it goes right to the edge – you will need a straight edge there so the gingerbread men do not fall apart, a bit like a Paper Doll Chain. The centre of the gingerbread man should be on the closed side.

(Image shows drawing of a heart.. but you just need half a gingerbread man shape!)

Cut out the gingerbread men. When you open it up you should have 3 little people connected together.

Decorating your gingerbread man and card background

Time to decorate! We cut out some paper buttons and some rosy cheeks.

Draw on your gingerbread man’s features – eyes and mouth, then stick on the rosy cheeks and buttons.

Re-crease the folds, so that the buttons are creased correctly.

OPTIONAL: with some white paint you can add some more details to the gingerbread men and let dry.

DIY Candy Cane Decorations

Easy Gingerbread Men Pop Up card made from paper chains for 3d Christmas card fun

With a red pen draw some stripes onto white paper.

Cut out some candy cane shapes DIAGONALLY across it.

Easy Gingerbread Men Pop Up card made from paper chains for 3d Christmas card fun

Don’t they look great together?

Assembling your pop up gingerbread man card

Fold your concertina paper up. Add glue to one side and position on the card. Gently glue down.

Fold the paper again and apply glue to the second outside side. Fold the A6 Card on top for perfect placement.

Finally – glue your candy canes in place.

Your super easy Pop Up Gingerbread Man card is finished.

Hooray!!! Be sure to come back and check out the REST of our fabulous Pop Up Cards for Christmas. We have a great new series for you coming! In the meantime, you may also like this fabulous DIY Christmas Pop Up:

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Pop Up Gingerbread Card

An easy technique for making Pop Up Christmas Cards – today we make some cute 3d Gingerbread Cards
Active Time20 minutes


  • Card stock
  • Brown paper
  • Contrasting paper for decorating
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen/ pencils


  • Fold your paper into 6 folds for a paper chain
  • Draw out your half gingerbread man – with the centre on the FOLD of the paper. Cut out. You should have a chain of three gingerbread men
  • Decorate with faces, smiles and buttons
  • Fold up and add glue to one half of the gingerbread man, glue into card
  • Fold card and make sure its glue securely. Now add glue to the opposite half gingerbread man and again fold the card, to secure in place
  • The basic card is now finished and you can add any additional decoratios – such as candy canes, stickers, snowflakes



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