Christmas Card Ideas for Kids

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We love all getting crafty for the kids and we love sending friends and family homemade Christmas cards every year.

As the number of the kids’ friends grow, I think it is nice to get THEM to make their own cards – that way it is personal and thoughtful, but also, they don’t get tempted to give cards to everyone “just because”.

Hopefully these Christmas card ideas will set you up for the next few weeks! These are a part of our extensive list of Card Making Ideas for kids.

Christmas Card Ideas for Kids

Star Christmas Tree made from Kids Art (shared in the collage above) – this link no longer works (sorry! It is a orginally from a site called Making Boys Men) but in essence.. use  children’s art and cookie cutters to cut out shapes and create a star shaped Christmas tree!

Christmas Card Ideas for Preschoolers

easy snowman card for preschool

Cotton Wool Pad Snowman Cards – this is such a sweet collage for kids to make. Mine made these at preschool and were so proud to give it to me when they got home. Isn’t it adorable?


We had lots of fun with these easy Gingerbread men cards! Use your own cookie cutters to make these fun little cards with the kids. There is an updated version of these in our New Paper Projects book too, that I think you will love!

Textured and tactile Gingerbread house collage. These Gingerbread houses are so fun to make and a great way to explore shapes! Love the different patterns and textures.

Oh these Santa Star Cards take me back to my own childhood. Happy memories!

Easy Penguin cards to make with preschoolers

Fun with Penguin Potato Prints – again a great card making idea, if you have to make LOTS of cards in one go! Perfect for Christmas or as Thank You Cards in the New Year!

Christmas Frog Card

Whilst on the topic of poatto prints.. here is a “Mock up” of our Potato Print Frog Cards.. and how you could decorate it with paper cut outs for the holidays. Do love a Hoppy Holiday Frog!

You can also make some fabulous potato print axolotl Christmas cards!

Snowglobe cards

Learn how to make snow globe cards using old plastic lids! A super fun recycled craft for kids to make this Christmas. We filled our snowglobes with little snowmen… but what about adding personalised photographs or other drawings?

Super simple Santa Christmas card for classroom crafts

Super simple Santa Card Design to make in bulk

Collage of quick and easy Christmas card designs

The Santa Card is part of 10 Super Simple Christmas Cards to choose from! The all take between 2-5min to make – even less if cutting shapes in bulk!! So fun.

Surprise Christmas Cards

This is a colouring page AND super fun Christmas Card – have a go at our free printable expandable Christmas Card designs – there is a growing snowman and a growing Christmas tree! Both can also be decorated for Winter.. so used right through new year too!

Keeping things simple and fun with these Christmas Tree & Sequins Cards  for tots! They make great cards OR you can string them up as a garland too!

We love combining ornaments with greeting cards to make “Ornament Cards” a gift and a card in one. These easy Button Snowflake would be just perfect for that!

These DIY Lacing Cards would make adorable Christmas Cards for kids to send too!

christmas card making

Oh Christmas Tree – Recycled magazine cards – great to teach the kids about recycling and making fun cards whilst you are at it!

Preschooler Christmas Cards

A great way to use young children’s messy art and turn it into fabulous Bauble Cards (Great for Tots and all ages up!)


Seriously adorable Origami Penguin Cards! I put these in the “older kids” section, but you can give Origami with Preschoolers a go!!! And these are a nice and easy pattern.

Similarly these adorable and easy Origami Reindeers make great collages or Greeting Cards!

Fun with Puffy Paint Snowglobe cards! The cutest!!!

A classic fun craft for kids – printing making with cookie cutters.. then turn them into Cookie Cutter Printing Cards (again great for Tots and all ages up!)

Leaf Rubbing Christmas Card – isnt this a fun idea? And so cute!

Colourful Holiday Cards from Inner Child Fun – so vibrant and cheerful!


Handprint Rudolph from The Imagination Tree

Christmas Card DIYs for older kids

Older kids will love having a go at these more 3d Christmas Cards! Though kids of all ages can take part – they just may need a little more help from a sibling or grown up. Pop Up cards are super fun to make and many are much “easier” than you think. Here are our favourites!

Love this DIY 3D Christmas Card – so simple and fun! This oh so popular pop up card, features in our “everlasting” Calendar Paper Crafts Printable – that you can use every year again!

Front of rudolph card

Learn how to make this adorable Rudolph Pop Up card – I particularly love the little button baubles. The pop up reindeer is made up of basic shapes, making this an easy craft to have a go at!

Pop Up Snowman Cards

Even easier is this Pop Up Snowman Card. In theory you can make this card using JUST WHITE paper! So a great one for limited resources.

The video on auto play shows how VERY EASY this pop up snowman is to make!

The simple Paper Chain Pop Up Card for Christmas

Once you get the hang of this Paper Chain Pop Up card technique, your imagination is the limit. But to help you along the way we have a number of designs to try out (with templates available too).

Easy Gingerbread Men Pop Up card made from paper chains for 3d Christmas card fun

Adorable Gingerbread Pop Up Cards. (Note: printable templates to help you along available, but not necessary!)

Easy Paper Chain Pop Up SNowman Cards - cute kawaii snowmen Christmas cards

Or how about some super cute Pop Up Snowmen? These can be made using white printer paper! (Note: printable templates to help you along available, but not necessary!)

Super fun Gnome Cards for Christmas, how make a paper chain gnome pop up card

We are rather in love with these GNOME Pop Up Cards too. Love the snowy landscape in the background.

3d Christmas Tree Cards made from paper chains, easy Christmas tree pop up cards

Super cute and Easy Christmas Tree Pop UP Card. (Note: printable templates to help you along available, but not necessary!)

The “classic” Christmas Pop Up Card tecchnique

Or check out how easy this Pop Up Christmas Card is to make and then design your own super duper cute Christmas or Winter Scene.

Merry Christmas Card with Ted

Printable Ted Merry Christmas Card – as super fun and simple card to make and give. Choose from the coloring pages version or the full colour one that just needs cutting and sticking! LOVE!

Other 3d Christmas Cards to make with kids


Seriously adorable Origami Penguin Cards! I put these in the “older kids” section, but you can give Origami with Preschoolers a go!!! And these are a nice and easy pattern.

Pop Up Reindeer Card

Easy Pop Up Bear Heart Card for Kids to make on Valentines, printable worksheets available!

Easy Pop Up Bear and Pop Up Cat Card – you are Purrrrfect! Though I made these “send a hug” cards for Valentine’s Day.. they would be perfect as Polar Bears with snowflakes at Christmas too, don’t you think?

Pop Up Beak Cards

Pop up christmas owl card

If you thought pop up beaks = chicks for Spring, you are of course right! But a pop up beak card, also makes a great Christmas Owl Card or…

Valentines Penguin Card

Pop Up Penguin Card – This technique of course is easy and super fun to make! Oh and if you add hearts, you can use the Penguin in Winter OR for Valentine’s Day. Lovely.

More fun with Christmas Quilled Cards

Have you tried paper quilling? It is a fabulous way to craft with paper.. and quilling is perfect for card making two. We have a few projects for you – the first is very much an “introduction” to quilling.. and great to get used to the concept, followed by some more detailed projects!

Lovely Quilled Christmas Tree Cards – a great technique for kids to have a go at! These also feature in my brand new Kids Paper Projects book!

Paper Quilled Wreath Cards

Or have a go at these super cuet Quilled Reindeer Patterns!

quilled snowflakes

These paper quilled snowflakes would also look great as part of an “ornament card” – attached them to the card in a way that they can be “detached” and hung on the Christmas tree too!

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful set of extensive Christmas Card Ideas to make with kids!

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