Potato Print Walrus Valentines Card

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Another quick update on our previously shared Potato Print Walrus Cards! If your kids love artic animals and want to create some fun animal Valentine’s Day Cards.. simply grab your potato prints from Christmas… add some hearts and Walrus Puns and hey presto, you have yourself some Potato Print Walrus Valentines Card for preschoolers and kids to make!

easy walrus valentines card

Be sure to pop over to our original and super easy Potato Print Walrus Tutorial. Then pop back for the Valentine’s day finishing touches!

Additional Supplies Needed for the Walrus Valentines Cards

Make your basic potato print cards. Then…

All you need is some scrap pieces of paper/ construction paper in desired colours… you can add pink hearts and red hearts.. or use some white paper to add some Valentine’s Speach Marks!

You could also create some little printables using hearts and speach marks and print those out. Then practice your cutting skills and glue on your hearts plus Walrus puns!

easy walrus valentines card

Alternatively, you could take some markers and draw on some hearts and write your message directly onto your Walrus Card!

easy walrus valentines card

It really is that easy to adapt the original Walrus Card design for Valentines!

Walrus or Seal Puns that you may wish to add:

Here are some fun little puns you can add to your walrus birthday card. If you make your walrus in grey colours (or blues) and leave out the white paper tusks, it could pass as a cute seal card too! So have added a couple of seal puns too!

  • Walrus of Love
  • I Walrus Love You
  • Just floating by to say…
  • Flawless, like the Walrus
  • Seal of approval
  • Your SEAL-rously old

And done! You have SOOO quickly and easily converted your more generic Potato Walrus Card into a Valentines Walrus!

See how fabulous all the different Potato Print Walrus cards look together:

walrus print cards

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