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We have a few more printables for Mother’s Day quickly heading your way. UK Mother’s Day is literally around the corner, whilst our rest of the world friends can take their time over these new Mother’s Day Printables. This post shares two double sides Printable Flower Bookmarks for kids to print, colour and assemble. I think they are super cute!! And if you want you can write a “secrete” message” inside the bookmark to mum. We love making DIY Bookmarks and this is wonderful addition to our collection!

Free Printable Flower Bookmarks for Mother's Day, Teachers or Birthdays. Print, Colour, add a tassle and give these lovely printable Mother's Day Gifts. #mothersday #teachers #printables #bookmarks

This is part of a set of two Printable Mother’s Day Bookmarks.. We also have an adorabe Printable Kawaii Bookmark Set (Cakes and Coffee)..

I think BOTH sets of printable bookmarks to colour are perfect for Mother’s Day, BUT also Birthdays as well as small Teacher Appreciation gifts!! So, grab your printable bookmarks and enjoy!

This particular Printable is a collaboration with Mrs Mactivity– a fantastic printables resource site for you to discover and explore (in fact, you may rather like their printable flower bouquets– suitable for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Teachers and Valentines! So cute!).

Bookmarks designed by the fabulous Hayley Price

Do take a look at our Printable Cupcake Bookmark design too:

Materials need for your Printable Flower Bookmarks:

  • light card or paper to print on (we love using light card, but paper is fine too)
  • colour pens and pencils
  • some ribbon or wool (add details like a tassle – learn how to make a tassle here) or beads
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • your flower bookmark printable (see below)

Flower Bookmark Printables!

And here is your Flower Bookmark Printable – enjoy! You will find a total of 6 double sided bookmarks to print and colour – 3 sets of 2 flower bookmarks, with Mother’s Day, Thank you and “blank” messages. Print and colour your message of preference.

How make your printable flower bookmarks:

These Printable Flower Bookmarks are really easy to make!!! Print out your free bookmark templates.

Colour to your heart’s content.

Cut out each “double sided bookmark” (do not cut them in half, but if you do, it is not a disaster…)

Now you have a choice, you can either:

  • Fold and glue (then you have solid bookmark) OR
  • You can fold your bookmark like a card and use the space “inside” for a secret message to mum…….

Hole punch the hole in the top of your bookmark.

Thread through some ribbons or wool (again, a nice woolly tassle would look nice! Learn  how to make a tassle here or why not add some colourful beads?).

You will have to carefully “prise” open your bookmark to read the secret message…

And your lovely Flower Bookmarks are finished!

Do check out the Kawaii Food Printables too – with a lovely Cupcake Bookmark and Coffee Cup Bookmark.

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Mother's Day Flower Basket Paper Weaving Card - Paper Weaving Card Printables. Printable Mother's Day Cards. Flower Basket Weaving #printables #mothersday #flowers #paperweaving

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