How to make a tassel

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Here is a little post from our “craft basics” series!!! There are something that you just “need” to know how to do.. right? Like how to make a pom pom (well there 7 different ways hahaha) or how to sew basic stitches… today’s “need to know”, is howt o make a tassel. Tassels are super quick and easy to make and can have so many different uses. They look great made from all sorts of materials – wool/ yarn, embroidery thread, even string. We love making tassles for bookmarks (the quickest and obvious use for them), but we also like to add them to a Back pack charms (check out our Autumn Back Pack Charm, isn’t it adorable), they look great as part of DIY jewelry and can be added to Christmas Ornaments.

The best thing about making your own tassels.. is that you only need your fingers!!! Quick, easy, fun.

How to make a tassel  -  a quick and easy method for making a tassel with your fingers!

Tassel DIY – materials

  • As mentioned you can use wool/ yarn, embroidery threads, string, tulle, mixed media fabrics.. anything you want!
  • Your fingers.
  • Scissors

IF you want to make a bigger tassel.. “replace” your fingers with a piece of rectangular card.

How to make a Tassel DIY

Hope you like the following quick and easy how to make a tassel video, but I also give you tassel DIY step by step instructions below!

  1. Cut a piece of string that you will later want to hang the tassle from – this can be the same material as the tassel or different. We often use bakers twine for this, as it is pretty AND durable. Make this string a bit longer than you think you will need, so you can trim it later if you need to.
  2. Hold your hand out flat. Thumb pointing up. Fingers together. Place the the string along the index finger of the hand you will use for wrapping (as i am right handed, I use my left hand to wrap.
  3. Now you can start wrapping your tassel yarn. There is no “rule” as to how much you should wrap… I actually think not “too much” is nicer, but it really is Trial and error.
  4. Once you have wrapped enough, ease the yarn (and the string from your index finger) off your hand.
  5. Take another piece of string and wrap it around the top of your yarn to form that tassel “head” or tassel bobble that you get at the top. Secure tightly and cut – I always make the strings from this knot the same length as the remaining tassle, so you don’t notice the knot.
  6. When your threads are secured in this manner, take your scissors and trim the bottom ends open.
  7. Your homemade tassel is now finished!! Yay. Make LOTS more.

How to make a tassel  -  a quick and easy method for making a tassel with your fingers!

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