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We have a super cute and easy Printable Heart Notebook from Leonie at Lotta Magazine for you today. I first saw a super gorgeous version of these Heart Notebooks on Easy Peasy and Fun, I love the addition of the ribbon so you can keep your messages safe! Do hop over and look at her notebook too! Easy Peasy and Fun’s notebook is perfect for Mother’s Day as well.

Not only does this printable heart look gorgeous, but you can add pages and pages of love notes to it. A great concertina heart notebook for you to make and give this Valentine’s Day and a wonderful addition to our set of Free Printables. It would also be gorgeous for Mother’s Day or any time of year you want to tell some that you love them! So cute! Over to Leonie! Many more Kids’ Valentine’s Day Ideas for you as well as OVER 100 Heart Crafts for you to browse!

Hello! I’m Leonie and I make a little Aussie kids magazine called Lotta Magazine. It’s filled with arts, crafts and activities to keep kids busy in the school holidays. Keeping in line with the ethos of Lotta, I wanted to make a heart craft for ‘The 31 Days of Love’ that both boys and girls would enjoy.  So here it is, The Things They Love Concertina Book (not a very snappy name I know.)  It’s a heart-shaped concertina book that kids can fill with drawings of the things and people they love. Not only is it fun to make but thinking about all the things and people you love is great for fostering gratitude in kids.

Printable Heart Notebook - gorgeous little heart Notebook for kids to print and fill. There are some great little drawing/ writing prompts included. #valentinesday #valentines #valentinescrafts #kidscrafts #papercrafts #printables

Printable Heart Notebook – Things you need

How to make your Prinable Heart Notebook for Valentines

  1. Choose which pages you would like to include in your book and print them out. There are two versions of these books included in the free printable: ‘The Things They Love’ pages include drawings prompts and ‘The People They Love’ pages are blank.
  2. Fold the heart template page in half horizontally along the dotted line, making sure that the sides of the paper line up. Then fold it in half vertically.


  1. Carefully cut along the heart shaped line, making sure your folded edges stay lined up.

  1. Refold the horizontal and vertical folds with the printed lines on the inside. Then fold the diagonal line with the printed lines on the outside.  If that makes no sense what so ever, watch this video to see what I mean. Now your clover-shaped page can fold down into a heart.


  1. Repeat steps one to four for all the pages you want to use for your book.
  2. Cut out the front and back covers.
  3. Glue the folded heart pages together, carefully lining up the edges. Glue the heart covers on the front and back of the book.


  1. Now it’s time to draw the things or the people you love.

Printable Heart Notebook - gorgeous little heart Notebook for kids to print and fill. There are some great little drawing/ writing prompts included. #valentinesday #valentines #valentinescrafts #kidscrafts #papercrafts #printables

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