Easy Heart Crafts for Kids of all Ages

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Unleash your creativity with our EASY HEART CRAFTS collection. A must see for anyone crafting for a special occassion – be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a special someone’s Birthday or even Christmas, DIY Hearts are always lovely to be included. This collection has something for Kids of all ages, from toddlers, preschoolers through to tweens, teens and adults! Lots of easy crafting inspiration. Make heart cards, to heart gifts and heart decor. Read on (and don’t forget to bookmark it or pin for future reference!)!

101 Easy Heart Crafts - if you are in need of a Heart Craft for Kids. Look no further. Here is a super extensive list of fabulous Heart Crafts for Kids (with craft photos, for easy browsing). Love these heart crafts. They are perfect as Valentine's Crafts for Kids, would be adorable for Mother's Day Gifts too (or just mum's birthday!) as well as also being suitable as Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Christmas Decorations. We DO LOVE a gorgeous Heart Craft for kids!!!

Over the years we have had lots and lots and lots of lovely and easy Heart Crafts here on Red Ted Art (well over 101 heart DIYs in fact)… many have been Valentine’s Day Hearts to begin with and been part of our 31 Days of Love guest series that I run in January. However, I always feel a lovely heart is also a great craft to make at other times of the year – eg as Mother’s Day Hearts (especially any “keepsake ideas”) or a Christmas Hearts (hearts make wonderful decorations at Christmas!). So though this list of these easy heart crafts will probably come in most useful as Valentine’s Day Crafts, I think you will enjoy them all year round. I have attempted to group them a little to make browsing more easier!! I hope you enjoy!!!!!!

I confess that I found it hard to group some of these ideas.. and some of these crafts of course fit into many categories…. so do browse them all to find your perfect idea! Though the broad categories are:

So.. lets explore these lovely Valentines Day Crafts and Mother’s Day ideas together!

Easy Heart Crafts for Valentines, Mother’s Day & Loved Ones

These were the more general easy heart crafts that I couldn’t fit in else were – some make great party ideas (e.g. the heart pinata) others make great gifts (e.g. the heart bath bombs). I hope you like this section!

  Upcycle old crayons into DIY Crayon Hearts – stick these on a card for a lovely Valentine’s Day Card come small gift idea. Or make them as wedding favours for kids!

Gorgeous Heart Pinata

One of our favourite Mother’s Day Gifts to date – Heart Shaped Bath Bombs

Gorgeous little Heart Jar Lanterns

Wonderful Potato Print Bunting (no sew too! Bonus!)

And a great tin jar upcycle – these tin can lanterns would be a fabulous wedding party decoration

 Felt Heart Envelopes (again these would make darling wedding favours)

Simple Bubble Heart Mug – how lovely! A great gift for Mom, I am sure!

Easy peasy Heart Rocks.. pop them in your pocket or decorate your desk and be reminded of someone you love!

  DIY Polymer Clay Heart Bracelete

Heart Box Printable

Make your own DIY Heart Stamps – we love using these to make our own wrapping paper

  Heart Bookmarks

Conversation Heart Necklace

Heart shaped wings

 Make these gorgeous and easy Cardboard Heart Necklace

Printable Heart Glasses (perfect for Photo Shoots and Card Making)

Yarn Wrapped Heart Bookmarks – darling!

 Fantastic Heart Bulletin Board

Sparkly Heart Fridget Magnet Clips

Make Heart Wands instead of Vatentines Wands for School: Cast a Love Spell

Easy Pom Pom Hearts to Wear

Pretty Heart Decorations incl. Heart Suncatchers & More!

I love heart decorations. I think these could be fabulous for both Christmas Heart Crafts as well as Valentine’s Day Hearts (e.g. wouldn’t a Christmas tree full of heart ornaments look simply wonderful?).

Woodchip Heart Frame or Heart Decoration

DIY Marbled Heart Pendants or Ornaments

Crayon Shaving Hearts – this is a wonderful suncatcher heart craft that kids will love. Use up the odds and ends of wax crayons whilst at it too!

  Whit Clay Hearts – gorgeous butting for both Valentine’s Day and Christmas. A simply beautiful Heart DIY that even young children can manage but that is suitable for kids of all ages, right into the teen years!

Similary, some sweet “bubble wrap printed” Salt Dough Hearts

… or even simpler.. saltdough heart button pendants or ornaments. Gorgeous.


One of our favourite heart art displays – adore these twiggy hearts. Easy and pretty! A wonderful nature heart craft for all age groups to enjoy

Heart Pom Poms – learn how to make finger pom poms, trim them into a pom pom heart shape and make this lovely yarn heart decoration!

Heart Paper Plate Weaving – paper plate hearts are so so so pretty and fun to make. A great way to develop those fine motor skills with kindergartners and preschoolers, but this craft is so pretty, that older children will love making it too!


Paper Heart Garlands. Love the simplicity of this and that EVERYONE has paper at home

Vibrant red Salt Dough Hearts – yes MORE salt dough.. love how one craft can have so many different looks

Dogwood Heart ornaments – aren’t they simply darling!?

  Rainbow Heart Magnets

Giant Conversation Heart DIY Art Project

Three fun Paper Straw Crafts for Valentines

Beaded Heart Ornaments for kids to make at Valentine's

Pipecleaner Beaded Hearts

Heart Crafts Sewing & Knitting

We do like a bit of sewing here on Red Ted Art (check out our Sewing Projects for Kids ideas list). It is never too early to get kids sewing!

  We are into sewing with kids BIG time.. and love these Kawaii inspired felt heart brooches

Finally, some simple felt LAVENDER hearts, these double up nicely as backpack zipper pulls or can also kept in drawers, smelling sweetly… we mdae a set of these for grandparents before and they went down a treat!

Similarly, this felt heart mobile is just gorgeous and love that it gives you the chance to try out different stitches (here is a great basic stitches guide for you!)

  Learn machine sewing, with this adorable Heart Garland – you could use keepsake fabric for this or fat quarters!

Knitted Felt Heart Key rings and bookmarks

Basic knitted heart – gorgeous garlands or Christmas ornaments


Learn the basics of Needle Felting with this how to make a needle felted heart bookmark

More fun with Needle Felting with these Needle Felted Heart Decorations

Finger Knitted Heart Ornaments

Beautiful Paper Heart Crafts

We love paper crafts as most of us, well have PAPER! Paper is surprisingly versatile and there are many great paper heart diys that you can browse and have a go at!

3 Paper Hearts

Heart Origami

and another heat mobile – these would be lovely to decorate windows with – maybe if you have hade enough of heart sun catchers, give these a go?

  These are probably these easiest 3D paper hearts that you can make and would look great all over a wall.

And how fun are these heart teabags filled with hot chocolate! Certainly a bit different.

We also like making these “paper strip” hearts. Gorgeous.

  Another variation on the hearts mobile theme is this upcycled magazine mobile. This is one of many great craft projects using recycled materials!

We adore these woven Swedish Heart Baskets – they are great for all seasons and can be made from paper, card or felt.

We have two sets of heart colouring pages for you to choose from.

  3D Heart Newspaper Bunting

Process Art Wall Hanging

Paper Heart Wands

  Balancing Hearts Science Activity (includes free printable)

Adorable 3D Arty Hearts – with beads and buttons – it is amazing what you can do with paper and a little glue! Such a lovely paper heart mobile!

3D Paper Fan Hearts

Printable Heart Bookmark (Print, Colour and Make these paper heart bookmarks – these come with a free heart template for you to enjoy!

Footprint & Fingerprint Heart Crafts

These heart fingerprint, heart footprints and heart thumbprints of course make fantastic gifts for loved ones – be it for Mother’s Day or Christmas!

If you are looking for heart Gift Ideas, these are super cute, especially for younger kids to make.

  Wonderful wonderful Footprint Hearts that mom will cherish for years to come! The classic salt dough heart footprint keepsake everyone must make!

Fingerprint Hearts for Toddlers, kindergartners and preschoolers! The kiddos will love getting stuck into this with lovely results!

Or turn your kids thumbs into keepsake keyrings and fridge magnets! Would make a wonderful grandparents gift too!

 Thumprint hearts make great wrapping paper decorations too.

Or make your own marbled polymer clay thumbprint Jewelry bowl!

Or turn those fingerprints into beautiful fridge magnets!

Make fingerprint friendship rocks instead of cards: Our Friendship Rocks! This heart rocks are one of the most popular friendship crafts for Valentine’s on the site! Why not have a go too!

Similarly, glitter rock valentines are easy to make and look fabulous. However, I encourage you to use eco friendly glitter!

And we have MANY more rock heart themed inspiration in our collection of heart rocks here!

Easy Heart Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day or a Loved One! Make the hearts Pop up too!

Of course the majority of these Heart Greeting Cards are of course Valentine’s Day Cards that kids can make. But I think a heart card, is lovely all year round – for a birthday or special occassion.

Heart Pop Up Cards (super easy and yet so sweet!) and of course makes the perfect valentines day card!

More great Valentine’s Day Cards or Mother’s Day cards, with these:

Printable I Love You Cards

Stencil Technique Card

DIY 3D Heart Card – gorgeous heat balloons!

Winter Hearts Card

Simple but gorgeous Pop Up heart cards.

Polystyrene Printed Cards

Collage Hearts – Great fine motor activity for younger kids, so easy with super cute results!

Squishy Heart Card – like a discovery bottle through the post, with lovely sensory fun too. So a fun heart card to make and send!

Winter Birds  – Love these Valentine’s Day Cards. So cute!

Secret Messages Valentine’s Day Card – the kids will have fun creating their own secret messages

Shaving Foam Valentine’s Day Cards

 Paper Quilled Valentine’s Card – a great introduction to Quilling for kids

  LEGO Stamping Heart Cards. Fun!

Crayon Resist Card Making Ideas

GIANT Valentine’s Day Cards for kids to make!

  Winter Cardinal Love Cards

DIY Crayon Scratch Art Cards

Heart Snowflakes

Pop Art Heart Cards

Surprisingly easy POP UP Heart Valentine’s Card

BFF Conversation Heart Buddies (with free printable)

Heart Arts & Crafts

Let’s get hearts arts and crafty. Projects that are a wonderful process with great results.

   Turn these Puffy Paint Hearts into Valentine’s Day Cards or garlands

Winter Cardinal Love Cards

Toddler Art Canvas

Science Colour Theory and Card Making in one – you can use tissue paper or coffee filters for this one!

Stunning Melted Crayon Art

Button Hearts – this is a gift wrap idea, but would look wonderful as a card too! Such a cute Button Valentine Heart!

  Heart String Art

Pointillism Heart Project

  Heart Water Colors 

Washi Tape DIY Stickers – use on cards or gift wrap!

DIY Crayon Scratch Art Hearts (love the combination of rainbows and white cover! Just gorgeous)

  Wonderful Woven Hearts

Beautiful Yarn Heart Card

Heart Puppets

Watercolour & Heart Mixed Media Cards

Cute Heart Crafts for Toddlers, Kindergardeners and Preschoolers

We do love crafting with toddlers and preschoolers. Here is a very special set of Heart Crafts for Preschoolers, meeting their unique capabilities and needs. (I think my favourite are the yarn wrapped hearts!).

  Yarn Wrapped Hearts – such a cute and easy yarn heart craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make as Valentine decorations or for Mom’s birthday!

Fabulous Paper Plate Crafts Hearts – the classic sun catcher heart craft revisited! So sweet.

Clothespin Heart

Felt Heart Play Set – bee my valentine for younger kids. So cute!


Heart Snowflake – a super easy tissye paper heart craft that helps develop fine motor skills for toddlers and little ones!

  Paper Plate Heart Wreath

Simple Lacing Cards for Tots – just look at those adorable little hands getting crafty!

Heart Mail Box

Paper Plate Heart Shaker

Decorations for Preschoolers – Easy Placemats

Valentine’s Day Washing Line

   Decorate with Finger Prints

Super simple cards for tots – colouring and cutting practice!

Super Cute Stuff Hearts – another Preschooler Decorations for Valentine’

CD Heart Fish

Valentine’s Egg Carton Wreath for Preschoolers

Candy Heart Bunting

Little hands will love these gorgeous Paper Plate Sewing Hearts activity!

Or have a go at emptying out your craft stash with these gorgeous Heart Wall Art

Heart Shaped Food

And finally some heart food. Yay, we love heart shaped food and they would be a great addition to a Mother’s Day surprise or Christmas Treat table. I think my favourite here are the Pepperming Creams. But I know I would also enjoy some of the heart shortbread cookies too!

  Yummy Whoopy Pie Valentine’s Day Treats!! Mmmmh

Valentine’s Day Baked Treats

Pink Fudge for Valentine’s Day

Cookie Jar – fill with Shortbread

Delicious candied Pretzels

Decorate with edible Stained Glass Cookies 

  No bake cheesecake!

Heart Bento and Toddler snack

Heart shaped Peppermint Creams

No Egg Shortbreads – dipped in chocolate – easy to make for the kids!

Chocolate & Raspberry Cookies

Valentines baking

 Love Hearts or Conversation Heart Cookies

101 Easy Heart Crafts - if you are in need of a Heart Craft for Kids. Look no further. Here is a super extensive list of fabulous Heart Crafts for Kids (with craft photos, for easy browsing). Love these heart crafts. They are perfect as Valentine's Crafts for Kids, would be adorable for Mother's Day Gifts too (or just mum's birthday!) as well as also being suitable as Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Christmas Decorations. We DO LOVE a gorgeous Heart Craft for kids!!!

Hope you enjoyed our Easy Heart Crafts for Kids!