Printable Merry Christmas Card from Ted

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There are two things we ADORE this time of year.. Ted Crafts and Pop Up Cards. So it is only natural…… that we have a Printable Merry Christmas Card from Ted today.

Woohoo! Isn’t it the cutest? There are two versions to choose from: a Merry Christmas Coloring Page and a regular “full color” Ted Christmas Card. Enjoy!

Pop Up Christmas Card with Red Ted Art

Christmas Ted Card – Materials:

Note: this is card is larger than our normal A6 cards. The finished card is A5. If you would like to make it smaller, reduce your printer settings to between 50%-75%!

  • your printables (currently free on Teachers Pay Teachers)
  • A4 paper for the background (we used blue)
  • some A4 card stock (we used red)
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • pens (optional)

To make your Merry Christmas with Ted Pop Up Card

The teacher’s pay teacher download also has a printable worksheet outlining the basic steps for making this type of pop up card! But in the meantime:

How to make a simple pop up card

We have made this type of simple pop up cards a number of times before! You may love our little Snowman Pop Up!

You will need some card “for the outside” and some paper “for the inside” and to create the little pop up flaps.

I like to make the paper a bit smaller than the card, so you get a nice boarder – a bit like a frame. For this card we used an A4 sheet of red card and some blue paper cut down by about 2cm along one side and the top of the paper.

Fold the blue paper in half.

Make four cuts: 2 x 2cm (about 1cm spaced apart) and 2 x 1 cm a bit further along but also 1cm apart.

Fold these cuts to make a flap. Make a neat crease. Fold down again.

Open up the blue paper and pull these flaps “from the outside in” – basically reversing your folds. Neaten the creases in reverse. The basic “Pop up flaps” have been created.

Glue the blue paper into the red card – being careful not to glue the pop up flaps down accidentally.

Glue your Ted Cut outs to the flaps and decorate. Woohoo. Finished. If you wish, you can print another set of Ted Merry Christmas features and decorate the front of the card too!

Merry Christmas Card with Ted

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