Easy Penguin Felt Ornament

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As you know, I love sewing with kids! The key to teaching kids to sew, is find the right (easy) Sewing Project for beginners! Super cute results, that don’t take too long to make and above all are EASY for beginners.

Making DIY Christmas Ornaments is a perfect opportunity to practice your sewing skills. Today, we have a super Easy Penguin Felt Ornament for you to sew and treasure!

Easy Felt Penguin Ornaments

DIY Mini Sewing Kits

We actually created this penguin ornament to go in my daughter’s party bags. This was part of our commitment to reduce the “plastic toot”, as well as encourage to kids to sew. It was a super fun project to work on.

We made one penguin per party bag and included everything you needed to make the penguin (including the printable instructions). And to start the kids off, hot glued the beak and feet… each child was told, that if they complete the project they can send us a message and we can create more penguins to sew. One girl made the it the very same night! Hooray.

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Penguin Felt Ornaments – Materials

  • Felt in the desired colours (e.g. blue, black, purple)
  • Felt in the contrasting colours (e.g. white, yellow or orange, pink)
  • Mini brads for eyes – though you can replace these with felt or a french knot
  • A little stuffing (we upcycled an old washed pillow)
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Sewing thread
  • Pins for holding parts in place
  • We also used a hot glue gun – but will explain below, it is totally optional!!!

Over on teacher’s pay teachers, you can get a download of the template as well as a printable worksheet (which we added to the party backs).

How to sew a Penguin Felt Ornament

Begin by cutting out your basic shapes – a tin can makes the perfect circle size for a penguin body. Then you need a second smaller circle for the tummy. A triangle for the beak and hearts as feet!

As mentioned – if you don’t want to make your own templates, hop over to teacher’s pay teachers and get our download!

Add the penguin’s features

Sewing Felt Penguins Pattern
You can simplify the project by hot gluing the penguin’s features

Depending on time and ability either sew or hot glue on the penguin’s beak and feet.

If hot gluing – you can either do this at the end OR make sure the hot glue does not go to right up to the edge of the white circle as it will make sewing more difficult.

Sewing the penguin’s felt tummy

Pin the tummy to the Felt Penguin and sew with a running stitch
Pins help keep your sewing in place!

Using white thread, sew on the white tummy to one of the body’s circles. A running stitch is perfect for this.

Adding the penguins eyes and cheeks – options available

At your felt penguin ornament's features
practice your cross stitch and maybe have a go at French knots for eyes?

Now add split pins for eyes OR us some black embroidery twine to make some french knots for the penguin’s eyes.

Sew on the rosy checks with a cross stitch.

Sewing & stuffing the penguin ornament

Add the ribbon to your Penguin Ornament
How squishy will your felt penguin be?!

Knot your hanging ribbon and pin in place at the top of your ornament.

Using a running stitch, over stitch OR a blanket stitch using ordinary thread or embroider twine, sew all the way round, leaving an opening for stuffing.

Stuff and sew shut.

Easy Felt Penguin Ornaments
The finished penguin ornament is hand sized

Ta-da!! You have sewing your very first Penguin Felt Ornament! Well done!!!

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